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The Students' Study Hacks

We have asked the students about their best study strategies for exams, and here is the list of the five most popular tips.

1. Coffee!

Almost every student we asked answered that they consume caffeine in one form or another – whether it's coffee, tea, or energy drinks. And they wouldn't have made it through exams without it. Caffeine helps with focus and energy, so it's smart to drink as long as you don't overdo it.

2. Keep being social

It's best to learn together, and it makes it more enjoyable too. If you have a study group or good study buddies, you can quiz each other and help with challenging topics. "Studying together while eating pizza and taking chat breaks makes it so much easier. And we can practice by explaining concepts to each other, which is how I learn best," says Laura.

3. Take breaks and unwind

Working for too long at a time can easily wear you out. Regular breaks and making sure you have a few hours to yourself during the day are important to keep your energy and motivation up. Consider going screen-free a couple of hours before bedtime for good sleep, and take time for solid meal breaks where you think about something other than exams.

4 .Take a walk

When you're stressed and have a lot on your mind, few things help as much as moving around and getting fresh air. Victoria says, "Getting fresh air and being out in nature is like a reset. It makes it much easier to gather your thoughts and de-stress when you come back and sit down to work again."

5. Make it cozy!

Clear a good space, make yourself a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate, have delicious snacks nearby, play some relaxing music, and make sure you sit comfortably. "When you have a cozy and comfortable environment, you almost look forward to sitting down to work," says Emilie.

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Do you want more tips?

You are the expert on what works best for you! If you need a bit more inspiration, you can find various tips from students here:

  1. Remember to eat! Start the day with a nutritious breakfast. Bring enough food to school, and consider preparing your meals the day before to avoid morning stress.
  2. Begin by brainstorming everything you remember about the subject without opening the curriculum.
  3. Do something completely different the day before the exam.
  4. Put away the books at 12 o'clock the day before and unwind.
  5. Create outlines for the tasks.
  6. Find something to be the day's motivation that you can look forward to when you're finished. For example, a trip, good food, exercise, or time with friends, etc.
  7. Create a weekly plan.
  8. Make flashcards.
  9. Stay hydrated.
  10. Enjoy extra good coffee during the day and ensure a good night's sleep.
  11. Ask a fellow student to join you in airing out your thoughts about the exam.
  12. Maintain good routines such as cooking dinner, exercising, meeting friends, and calling home to family.
  13. Mind map. Think as little as possible about the exam subject when you're not studying.
  14. Have a structured plan of what to review and do previous exam tasks.
  15. Familiarize yourself with the tools you are allowed to use!
  16. Unwind with exercise.
  17. Buy large sheets of paper, fill in relevant curriculum, and use sticky notes to attach ideas, thoughts, and clarifications as you go. Hang the sheets on the wall and use them to memorize or remember definitions.
  18. Perhaps the best exam tip is to discuss and study with classmates or study groups so you can learn from each other.

And remember to leave some time for yourself! Good luck!

Updated 07.03.2024

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