Everyone can experience a variety of personal issues. These issues are often easier to resolve if you ask for help. The student councillor is an experienced professional who students may talk to for guidance and advice. 

You must be a student at UiT to use the service. If you have any questions, please call: 77 64 90 50.

Individual Counselling

An individual counselling appointment can take up to 45 minutes if needed. Usually, you first get an appointment with the international student counsellor, to get an overview of your problem. If can be questions or practical matters easily solved, or things that you struggle with that make take several appointments to overcome. If several appointments are necessary, you may be referred to one of the other counsellors or psychologists in our team. Our services are confidential and free of charge.


Along the semester, the Student Counselling Centre may offer courses, workshops or information meetings, if we see that students may need it. Topics could be how to face winter climate, cross-cultural experiences, depression management, or procedures when leaving Norway. Topics may vary according to needs expressed by students. 


Courses and workshops on offer: 

* None are scheduled the fall of 2018 




Who can use the service? 

The Student Counselling Centre is a service to all students at UiT. As we are present at several campuses, you may use the service located at your campus. However, we have one reception, so please let us know which campus you are studying at when booking an appointment. 


Telephone to the reception is 77649050 
e-mail: counsellor@samskipnaden.no 


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