Prior to Arrival 

Insurance Issues

Travel Insurance

How to have coverage if something happens to you or your personal belongings while in Norway or during your journey to Norway? UiT – The Arctic University of Norway and the Arctic Student Welfare Organization do not cover your expenses if you are ill, injured or have damage to personal belongings. We do recommend you to buy a travel insurance in your home country prior to travelling, if you want to avoid unforeseen expenses. Usually, internationals cannot purchase insurance in Norway. We are aware that travel insurances can be expensive, but many countries, universities and student organizations have special student insurances or lower prices for students. E.g. ERASMUS students can find an offer here:


Health Insurance

We recommend students (except Nordic students) staying only 1 semester, to bring health insurance from home, regardless of your nationality. We do have a user fee based National Insurance Scheme (NIS) in Norway, and it is possible to apply for a voluntary membership if you are planning to stay more than 3 months, but there is a processing time, so the best would be to bring insurance from home.

Students staying more than 1 semester can have a free membership in the National Insurance Scheme. To become a member, you need to apply for a Norwegian ID number after having registered at the local police. You apply at the local tax office (Skatt Nord), and once your ID number is ready, you are automatically a member.

If you are from a European Union country, you will have to show proof of insurance from home (usually the European Health Card) covering the whole first year of your studies, but you can also be entitled to a Norwegian membership. Contact the International Student Counsellor for assistance.

Students from countries outside EU and staying a year or more do not need to bring health insurance from home, but be aware that if you need medical care, the NIS implies that you must cover up to NOK 2 185 (2016 rate) per calendar year in medical expenses yourself in using health services.  

Chronical Condition

Having a chronical health condition should not be an obstacle to a study abroad stay in Norway.

However, bureaucracies do take time when moving to a new country, you are advised to contact the International Student Counsellor as soon as you have your admission, in order to inform about your needs, so that we can do your best to meet them in due time.