The Health Clinic

Ungdommens helsestasjon
Parksenteret, Markveien 26
9510 Alta

Phone: 406 22 473

Office Hours: Wednesdays 2:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Facebook: Ungdommens Helsestasjon Alta

The Health Clinic is a free of charge services for students for issues related to sexual health, such as contraception, sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, etc.  

You do not need to schedule an appointment - show up and take a queue number.

For other kinds of ailments and/or injuries, we recommend you contact your personal doctor or the emergency clinic (legevakta). Phone: 116 117


Self-testing for Chlamydia at campus

The Student Counselling Centre have in collaboration with the Youth Health Clinic, set up a self-testing station at campus.  

You will find the self-test station inside the marked toilet next to the Service Center at campus. The toilets are marked with round, pink stickers.

Tests can be delivered at the self-test station weekly from Monday at 8 a.m., until Wednesday at noon.
All samples from the self-testing station are sent to the university hospital (UNN) for analysis, and it will take about 2 weeks for the result.

Chlamydia is the only infection we test for, unless you have specific symptoms or have been in situations implying that we should test for other infections. The test is run from a regular urine sample (boys and girls) or from a sample from the vagina. To secure a definite result of the test, the time for the potential infection must date at least 2 weeks back, and for the urine sample to give an accurate test result, you should not have been to the lavatory the last two hours.