Most of our flats come with a designated parking space. Parking outside of the designated parking spaces may result in fines and removal of the vehicle.

In order to park at Nyland, you need a valid parking permit. Please visit our office in Follumsvei 4 to get your parking space.  


Internet and cable TV

All of our units have internet access through Uninett.

Information on how to log onto the internet can be found here.

As the units do not include a TV, the yearly fee must be paid by the tenant. The cable TV is provided by Canal Digital.  

We encourage you to take out content insurance with liability insurance for your own sake. In this way, your personal belongings will be insured and you will avoid having to pay large amounts in compensation for negligence in the event of an accident.
Sustainable power
The electricity in the student accommodation stems from renewable and environmentally friendly sources through our cooperation with Bergen Energi and Ishavskraft. The power usage in the units will therefore not leave a carbon footprint. 

We donate 0,09 NKR per KWh to the project Track My Electricity. The donation is managed by the organisation Solbakken, and is used to build solar panels at schools between Thailand and Burma.

Electricity is included in the rent. 

Nyland and Komsa studenthouses are equipped with communal laundry facilities. You can purchase a card/chip in our office in Follumsvei 4. 1 wash costs NKR 15,- while the tumble drier is free of charge. 

Waste is sorted into six different bags. 

The bags are marked with both colour and text that indicates what type of waste you must put where. 


Green bag: Food waste
Red bag: Paper
Red 80L bag: carton
Orange bag: carton
Blue bag: plastic
Turned bag: other

Read more on If you need more bags, please visit our office in Follumsvei 4. 

Glas and metal should be disposed in specific containers that are located several places in Alta. Plastic bottles can be returned at your local grocery shop. 

Prices - supplementary services and fees