Getting the key

You can pick up your keys in Follumsvei 4, Nyland, entrance F. 

If you are unable to pick up your keys, you can get someone else to pick them up for you, as long as you provide a signed letter of consent. However, before getting the keys, the rental agreement must have been signed and the depositum must be paid in full. 

If you arrive after our opening hours, you can contact the housing office by emailing and get your keys in a secure mail box. 


It is not permitted to remove any of the provided furniture. However, if there is space you can bring your own furniture. 
Paintings and posters
As long as you use Blu-Tack or something similar, you are permitted to put paintings, posters and other wall decoration on the wall. Ensure that you do not damage the wall in any way.  
Cancellation policy

You can cancel the rental agreement if you let us know at least two months in advance. Please note that this must be before the 1st of every month. You can cancel through Min side. Rent must be paid during the notice period even if you move out earlier. The room/flat must be cleaned by the tenant and inspected by the cleaners. Please watch this video of how to properly clean the flat

If you do not meet the standards, and the flat must be cleaned again, you will receive the bill.

Should we find any damage to the flat/room, the repair cost will be deducted from your deposit.  

Remember to clear your storage unit before moving out. 

Washing/drying clothes
All washing and drying of clothes should take place in the laundry provided by the Landlord. Drying clothes in your apartment creates a lot of dampness, which in turn leads to a poor indoor climate. Consequently, we encourage you to dry your clothes in the clothes dryer at the laundry. You are not permitted to install your own washing machine/clothes dryer. Exceptions to this rule are the apartments where outlets have been installed for this purpose.  

Your unit
Tenants are responsible for cleaning and tidying their own apartment or studio apartment/bedsit. Tenants are also obliged to cooperate with the other users to keep any common areas (bathrooms, corridors, etc.) clean. In cases where several tenants share a bathroom, those concerned should follow the schedule of who has responsibility for the cleaning each week 


Common kitchen, lounge and corridors

Each tenant shall clean and tidy the communal kitchen and any common areas after use. All kitchen utensils, cutlery, etc. shall be placed in the respective cupboards and drawers. Tenants shall also keep their kitchen cupboard/drawer and space in the fridge/freezer, clean and tidy.

Everyone is responsible for ensuring that rubbish is properly sorted in accordance with the current recycling guidelines, and that it is emptied daily and placed in the rubbish container.
In cases where there are multiple users, a schedule shall be set up showing who has responsibility for cleaning each week. The main tasks include keeping the rubbish cupboard clean and tidy, washing the floor, cleaning the ventilator, washing the fronts of the kitchen fittings, refrigerator and freezer and washing the stove/oven. If you will away in the week you are responsible for cleaning, it’s your responsibility to swap internally.

The Student Welfare Organisation will conduct regular inspections of common areas. In cases of inadequate cleaning, the tenants concerned will be given an opportunity to clean properly. If on the next inspection the cleaning is still found to be inadequate, the Student Welfare Organisation will arrange cleaning of the common areas at the tenants’ expense.

Returning keys

You can return your keys to the housing office in Follumsvei 4. Please note that this must be done before or on the day your contract expires. 

Keys, keycards and/or chips can be delivered in an envelope marked with your full name and address.