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Why Choose a Student Kindergarten

If you are a student with children, there are many benefits to choosing a student kindergarten. We have five kindergartens in Tromsø, one in Narvik and one in Alta, all adapted to student parents' everyday lives. We want you to be able to complete your studies as smoothly as possible.

Updated: 07.12.2021

Advantages of a student kindergarten

Exam guarantee

If you have an exam at the same time as your child is sick, we will help you with childcare. If your exam coincides with or close to one of the kindergarten's subject days and you lack a babysitter, we will set up a substitute and help you! Remember to report and submit documentation no later than two weeks before the relevant subject day.

Extended opening hours

If you need extended opening hours for a period of time, for example during an internship, we can extend the opening hours for you. You arrange this directly by contacting your kindergarten. Note that Breivika and Prestvannet student kindergartens already open a little earlier than the other student kindergartens every day.

Open Saturdays

We arrange our own activity Saturdays for the children during the busiest exam period in the autumn and spring, so that you have more time to read.

Children from 6 months

It is difficult to move the start of studies and semesters, and therefore your child can start in our kindergartens from the age of 6 months to help you begin your studies.

Rent the kindergarten

Many people often do not have room for large children's birthdays at home. Therefore, we offer parents to borrow the kindergarten for a symbolic amount when something is to be celebrated.

Location near campus or student housing

In Alta and Narvik, the student kindergartens are close to campus, and the same applies to Breivika, Universet and Gimle student kindergartens in Tromsø. Prestvannet and Storskogåsen student kindergartens in Tromsø are close to student housing. The Student Welfare Organisation also has its own family apartments that are earmarked for students with children.

Guest spaces for shorter periods

Are you studying for a shorter period in another city? We offer guest places in our student kindergartens as long as there is free space. Guest places are allocated to children living in the kindergarten's immediate area.

Stay until start of elementary school

Finished your studies before your child finished kindergarten? No problem, the child retains the place until the start of school.

Sami Base

In Gimle student kindergarten in Tromsø we have a Sami base, Gearpmaš. Here, priority is given to children with a Sami background, but others can apply. Here, arrangements are made for the children to develop their Sami language and experience pride in their culture.

Warm lunch

The student kindergartens in Tromsø and Narvik serve healthy and nutritious hot lunches two days a week as well as a fruit meal. The hot food we serve follows the recommendations in the Norwegian Directorate of Health's Guidelines for food and meals in the kindergarten. Breakfast is packed from home.

The kindergarten in Alta focuses on a healthy diet, and the children are served nutritious and healthy food daily. We have full board, which means that we serve breakfast, lunch and fruit meal every day.

Registered in another municipality

Even if you are registered in a municipality other than Tromsø, your child can be accepted in our student kindergartens.

Annual plan and annual wheel

At all kindergartens you can get access to an annual wheel and annual plan. The annual plan contains information on how the kindergarten will work with education, play and learning to promote the children's versatile development, cooperation and understanding with the children's parents. The plan provides information on how the Kindergarten Act's provisions on content are to be followed up, documented and assessed. Marking of local cultural events and plans for the preschool children's transition from kindergarten to school are also set out in the annual plan.

The year wheel gives you an overview of what happens when during the kindergarten year.

How do I apply?

You can read about the application process here

The application process
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Frequently Asked Questions

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