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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about student kindergartens

Updated: 10.02.2021

Does my child have to change kindergarten when I finish school?

Children of students can stay enrolled in the kindergarten until the start of school even if parents have finished their studies. Employees at UiT who quit as an employee or research fellow can apply to keep enrollment.

How does termination work in kindergarten?

Student kindergartens have a 2-month notice period.

The kindergarten place is canceled via My page on the application website with two months' notice from the 1st or 15th of each month. The last deadline for termination in the spring semester is 01.03, with the last day in kindergarten 30.04. This means that you keep the place until 01.08 if you cancel in the period 02.03 to 01.06. July is payment-free month.

If you are a new student, have agreed to a student kindergarten spot, but change your mind about studying at UiT, you must cancel the kindergarten enrollment immediately after a letter from coordinated admission in July. If you resign before 1 August, you will not have to pay during the notice period. If you do not cancel or cancel after the start of the kindergarten year on 1 August, you must pay for the notice period.

Can everyone apply for student kindergarten?

Everyone can apply for a place in a student kindergarten, but children of students, research fellows and employees at UiT and Samskipnaden are prioritized. The child retains their enrollment until the child starts school, even if they have finished their studies.

How do I apply?

You can read about the application process here

The application process
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