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Breivika Student Kindergarten

Breivika Student Kindergarten is located at the top of Breivika campus close to the forest.

About us!

Nature and outdoor life are important parts of the daycare's Identity. Tromsømarka is actively used by all bases. The kindergarten has five bases, with a total capacity of around 85 children. We open 15 minutes earlier than the other student kindergartens. The opening hours are especially adapted for students studying Health sciences.

Opening hours

7.15 - 16.30



Common academic focus area for student kindergartens 2021 - 2023:

Everyone leaves traces - health-promoting work in the kindergarten

The kindergarten should be a safe and challenging place where children can try different aspects of interaction, community and friendship. The children will receive support in overcoming adversity, dealing with challenges and getting to know their own and other emotions. The children will have the opportunity for peace, rest and relaxation during the kindergarten day.

The kindergarten shall be an arena for daily activity and promote the children's joy of movement and motor development. "

Through work on projects and in children's everyday life, we will work to ensure that all children experience having a «play spark». The children should have time and space for play and interaction with other children every single day. Play has intrinsic value and is first and foremost about her and now, but we also have a future perspective through being children which is an arena for horizontal relationships with other children. Through play, children can experience joy, mastery, face resistance and adversity, dare to express their own feelings and understand other feelings. Facilitating play is the kindergarten's very contribution to promoting good physical and mental health. Another important contribution to health-promoting work is to facilitate physical activity. Active development in nature should be important for the kindergarten's content. We refer to the business plan for additional information about the focus area.

In 2021-23, Breivika Student Kindergarten will participate in a collaboration led by Tromsø municipality, called "See me". The working model has prevention and holistic thinking about mental health in kindergarten as its main goal. The model must ensure the quality of the daycare offer in order to be able to implement measures at as early a time as possible. The working model supports children's right to an adapted offer in kindergarten, ensures that children's rights and needs are met and safeguarded and contributes to quality assurance of the kindergarten offer as a system. The working model focuses on interdisciplinary collaboration between kindergartens and actors in the municipal assistance apparatus.

The work model implements a systematic effort, at both individual and system level, in kindergartens.

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Nature and life outside

The joy of being outside

Tromsømarka is located just outside our fence and is actively used by all bases. When we do not use the forest areas and the light trail around, the children can frolic in a large and exciting outdoor area.

We have a lavvo with wood burning and our own fire place inside our outdoor area, and in the autumn we can pick blueberries both outside and inside our fences. We are happy to start the day outside if the conditions are otherwise conducive to it.

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A day in the kindergarten

The bases have a fixed tour day a week. We have our own preschool club with a focus on play and learning before school starts, and the sleeping time for the youngest is done outside in the pram (all bases with small children have their own pram shed). The kindergarten has a tradition of working project-oriented with a common theme, then we collaborate across the bases. We have themed rooms for free use for everyone: Large common room, wet play room and shaping room are examples of this. With us, the days should be characterized by play, learning, care, good experiences, interaction, friendship and joy!

Kristin Ryeng

Kristin Ryeng

Styrer Breivika Studentbarnehage

breivika.barnehage@samskipnaden.no77 64 90 99

Contact the bases

480 32 406
480 28 452
480 08 946
479 03 784
479 02 476

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How do I apply?

You can read about the application process here!

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