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Prestvannet Student Kindergarten

Prestvannet Kindergarten lies at the top of Tromsø Island, right next to Prestvannet student housing.

About Us!

Prestvannet Student Kindergarten is close to the city centre while still being near some of the most beautiful nature in Tromsø. The kindergarten is divided into five bases, and has a capacity of around 80 children. One of our bases, is an outdoor base.

Opening hours

07.15 - 16.30

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Focus areas

Children create relations with one another and learn the best through play and action. The kindergarten's employees are for this reason present, participating and competent.

It is important that we are predictable and clear in our contact with children. We must be supportive in their development so that they can learn play skills, which can last the rest of their lives. The student kindergartens will use the cultural diversity and the good language environment when playing.

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The importance of nature is emphasized at all bases, and we have a large outdoor area that is used frequently. When we do not use the surrounding forest areas, the children can frolic on the playground equipment, natural terrain and paved trails for cycling within the kindergarten ground. In the outdoor area of ​​the kindergarten we also have a barbecue hut and a large beautiful lavvu with an oven and entrance area.

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A day in kindergarten

Blåmann and Tinden (3 - 6 years) start outside 4 days a week. On cold days we fire up the lavvo and eat breakfast there. The kindergarten has the forest and hiking trail easily accessible and use these areas actively during summer and winter. The goal is for the children to have a positive relationship with nature and the outdoors.

Heidi Alise Bjerkås

Heidi Alise Bjerkås

Styrer Prestvannet studentbarnehage

heidi.a.bjerkas@samskipnaden.no932 16 33677 64 90 40

Contact our bases

466 28 943
464 20 367
466 11 953
465 45 681
464 20 851

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How do I apply?

You can read about the application process here!

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Updated 01.03.2023

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