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Soria Moria Student Kindergarten

Soria Moria student kindergarten is close to UiT, the Narvik campus and nice hiking areas.

About us!

The kindergarten is close to UiT campus in Narvik, as well as nice hiking areas. It is a short walk to Sildretunet student housing and Skistua student housing. A lot of untouched nature provides us with a natural playground that we use as often as possible. The nature area is hilly and invites exploratory play and physical challenges.

Soria Moria Student Kindergarten is primarily a kindergarten for students with children, but we also offer admission for applicants who are not students.

Although the kindergarten main admission is in March, you can apply all year.

Opening hours

07.15 - 16.30

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Focus Area

We have worked with social interaction as the main theme in our kindergarten for many years, and have developed good methods to promote childrens’ social competence. In the kindergarten, children of all ages frequently gather in common areas, giving them a unique opportunity to acquire social skills in interaction with other children. The adults in the kindergarten help to guide the children.

We have dedicated employees with long experience and competence that creates a good place to be for the children. We have good pedagogical coverage and the employees spot the needs of each individual child.

Our goal is to meet all children with recognition and respect. Children are the main characters in the kindergarten, and children's participation is the basis of the business. It is about taking children seriously, ensuring that the children's voices are heard and that everyone feels that they are important for what is happening.

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The Great Outdoors

Nature is an important learning arena for children, and we are lucky to have all around us. The 0-2 year olds get to take part in the outdoor life in their own way and at their own pace. We are outside frequently, and use our hilly and beautiful outdoor area for playing. Playing in nature gives children countless opportunities for creative, imaginative expression. We also teach the children about nature's diversity of animals, plants and seasonal changes.

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A Day in Kindergarten

Children are born with a need to explore and experiment and find answers to questions, and this is something we always encourage. Children's wonder and curiosity is central to our work.

We work especially on the subject areas: nature, technology and environment as well as numbers, space and shapes.

Hot food delivered to our door!

The food is prepared at the Student Canteen on campus, and is driven out to the kindergartens every day. Allowing us to serve the children fresh and nutritious meals.

Separate packed lunch

The children get fruit, milk and hot lunch every day in the kindergarten, but must bring their own packed lunch for breakfast.

Contact the bases

974 14 813
974 01 747
974 10 582
974 23 193
948 25 049

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How do I apply?

You can read about the application process here!

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