Regular General Practitioner (GP)

If you have the right to a regular General Practitioner (GP)/family doctor, you can find and register with your choice of doctor on You can now also put your name down on a waiting list if the GP you want is not taking on more patients.

Information about the right to a doctor

Medical assistance when you dont have a regular GP

Until you get a GP in Harstad, you can contact one of the city's medical centers in case of emergency assistance during normal working hours. Student who are staying here for one semester and therefore won't get a GP can also contact the medical centers.

Which clinic you should contact depends on the day of the month you are born:

Born 1.-6- Kanebogen legesenter

Born 7.-12. Rødbergveien legesenter

Born 13.-19. Vågsfjord legesenter

Born 20.-25. Havnegata legesenter

Born 26.-31. Sjøkanten legesenter

If you need help scheduling an appointment, please contact your International Student Coordinator.

Emergency room


If you need urgent medical assistance outside regular opening hours, contact Harstad Municipal Emergency Room.

The emergency room is open from 16:00 on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends and public holidays.

Call in advance to get an appointment. Telephone; 116117 or 77 06 30 00




Emergency numbers

Fire - 110

Police - 112

Ambulance - 113