Student Councelling 

The Student Counselling Centre, administered by the Arctic Student Welfare Organisation, provides a counselling service for Norwegian and international students on campus. Experienced professionals are available to help students cope with the personal and practical challenges of student life. Studying far from home in a foreign country can be particularly challenging. You will be required to adapt to a new culture and different social behaviours and expectations. Furthermore, structural systems, such as health and education, may be fundamentally different from what you are used to back home. You may face challenges that are difficult to cope with far from family and friends.  

Contact us at (+47) 77 64 90 50 to book an appointment.

Individual Counselling

An individual counselling appointment can take up to 45 minutes if needed. Our services are confidential and free of charge.

You can book an appointment by calling us, or sending an email. Your international student coordinator can also assist you.