Household waste must be sorted as food waste and combustible waste, and thrown in containers/dump collectors. 

Other waste must be delivered to the nearest sorting point. 

Please read the sorting guide you received in your welcome bag carefully. 

We encourage you to take out content insurance with liability insurance for your own sake. In this way, your personal belongings will be insured and you will avoid having to pay large amounts in compensation for negligence in the event of an accident. Our insurance do not cover tenants belongings. 
Internet/ cable TV

All our student housing have wired network access. Network cable is available from Elkjøp, Power, Clas Ohlson and Jula.

Single rooms ("hybler") have access to the wireless network via Eduroam. To connect to Eduroam, you must have activated your IT user account at UiT.

Our homes have analogue bundles from Canal Digital included in the rent. Other channels may be purchased directly from Canal Digital. 

License to NRK must be paid by the tenant. 

Electric heating is included in the rent for single rooms. Even though the tenants pay for the electricity, we encourage tenants not waste heat, light, boiling or hot water. Please be environmentally conscious.

Tenants with vehicles must use designated parking spaces.
There is not one parkingspace for each single room, so we can't guarantee space for everyone. 

In Rådyrveien and Storvollen, each apartment has a parking space.

It should be noted that it is not allowed to leave the car idle outside the homes. Storage of secluded cars, trailers or similar on our parking spaces is not allowed.

Laundry room

Flåtenveien and Tordenskjold have shared laundry facilities. One wash costs 22 NOK (including detergent) while use of the dryer is free of charge. You need a laundry chip to operate the machine. They are handed out together with your house key, together with your username and password for the laundry services. 

Payment of laundry
You must prepay for the use of the washing machines online. If you have forgotten your username and password, contact our office or your international coordinator, and they will help you. You can change the password at first time logon.

• Log in to the laundry using the username and password you have received. Log in here.

• Select “konto/innbetaling” (account/payment) followed by “innbetaling til konto” (payment to account)

• Then choose the amount you want to pay. You may pay by Visa and MasterCard.

• Follow the instructions. When you have received a confirmation, the amount you chose has been transferred to your laundry account and may be used in the laundry immediately.

If you want a refund of the remaining balance from your laundry account, you can arrange this on the same webpage as you made the payment. Select the option for “Tilbakebetaling” (Refund). However, this must be done no later than six months after the payment was made, and the card you used for the payment (Visa or MasterCard) must still be valid. Remaining balances from amounts paid by means other than via online banking may not be refunded.

In the unfortunate event that you lose your chip, it is important you get your remaining balance refunded and then contact us for a new chip.

Booking a washing machine
Booking of a washing machine may be done online, or directly in the laundry. A reservation is valid for 15 minutes after the stated time. If you arrive 15 minutes late for your reserved wash, the reservation will be cancelled and others will be able to use the washing machine. You will be charged 22 NOK for an unused booking.

Laundry online portal - log in.

The online portal is for all our laundries at all campuses, so please make sure to choose the correct one (Flåtenveien or Tordenskjold).

SMS reminder from the laundry
It is now possible to receive an SMS reminder of your reservation or a message that the washing machine and/or clothes dryer programme is finished.

When you start the machine at the laundry, you can request a message to be sent to your mobile phone when the washing machine or dryer is finished (Norwegian mobile phone numbers only). Press <SMS ?> on the display and then enter your mobile number. Your mobile number will be saved so next time you use your chip at the laundry, it will appear automatically. You will receive a message five minutes before the wash/dry is finished.

You may also request a reminder of your reservation. You can decide how far in advance you wish to be reminded (up to 24 hours) of your reservation(s). If you reserve a time that has already started, you will not receive a reminder.

SMS alerts may be activated at the laundry or via the internet. The service is free of charge.

If you experience any technical problems with the our laundries, report them on Your Page, or send an email to harstad.bolig@samskipnaden.no 

Cleaning and drying clothes

Cleaning and drying clothes should be done in the dryer. If you dry clothes in your room / apartment, it will cause a lot of moisture, which in turn leads to a poorer indoor climate. Therefore, we encourage clothes to be dryed in the dryer at the laundry room. Installation of washer / dryer is not allowed. Exceptions are the apartments where there are installed withdrawals for this purpose.

Prices - supplementary services and fees