All student housing units are equipped with a fire detector and an extinguisher. Get to know where fire extinguishers and extinguishers are in your home. It is strictly forbidden to remove or cover fire detectors.

Advice to avoid unwanted alarms:

Steam and smoke from food that is cooking, toasters and lit candles can affect smoke detectors. Do not place a toaster or candle directly under the detector. Ensure good ventilation, use a fan when cooking. Close the kitchen door when cooking in the kitchen. 


If we suspect that something is wrong with the fire protection equipment in the building, Samskipnaden can enter the unit without notifying the tenants first. Removing / covering the fire detector will result in a fee, see our overview «Price List Additional Services». You are responsible for reading the fire instruction as well as the escape plan in your building.

It is important that you notify us if you notice any fire safety concerns, for example, if you find that a fire extinguisher is removed.

Escape routes must not be blocked at any time. It is not allowed to store your belongings etc. in stairways and entrances. If anything is stored in a way that is blocking escape routes, it will be removed.

The Norwegian Arctic Student Organisation changes the battery in smoke detectors once a year. Fire extinguisher should not be removed from its designated space.

In the case of fire:

1. Save
Make sure everyone residing in the home is safe. Close doors and windows.

2. Alert
Notify the fire department by calling the emergency number 110. Enter the exact address of the building that is burning.

3. Extinguish
If the fire has not become too extensive, attempt to extinguish with fire extinguishers, but do not expose yourself to danger.

Beware of inhaling smoke. Smoke poisoning is dangerous, so get out as soon as possible. As the smoke pulls upwards you should creep along the floor since there is more oxygen there. In addition, if it is dark, use the wall as the directional help to the nearest exit.

Advice to avoid unwanted alarms

Smoke caused by cooking, using toasters and burning candles can affect the smoke detectors. Do not place a toaster or candle directly underneath the detector. Ensure good ventilation by using a fan when cooking. Close the kitchen door when cooking in the kitchen. Vapor emissions affects all types of smoke detectors.

Never leave lit candles or food on a hot stove. Make it a habit to turn off these as soon as you stop using them.