All our student housing are non-smoking.  This includes all units and common areas. 

Peace and quiet

Respect each other’s right to work in peace, and be considerate to your fellow residents.

 It should be quiet in the student housing and at the property in general from 11pm (23:00) on weekdays and midnight (24:00) on weekends. Any noise, including the playing of music, must not be a nuisance to other residents at any time. Each resident is responsible for the behaviour of their guests.

If you plan to have overnight guests for several days at a time, you must notify the Landlord and in addition inform the residents with whom you share common areas. For visitors staying more than 14 days, you need to obtain special permission.

Pets are not allowed in our student housing.
Cooking food

Don't let your dinner take care of itself. Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking meals. Make it a habit to always use the kitchen extractor (kitchen hood) when cooking, and turn off the hotplate/oven immediately after use. We recommend to turn the extractor on 10-15 minutes before you start cooking, to ensure that there is enough airflow for the extractor to remove the airborne grease and fumes. 

This is for your own safety, and the safety of your fellow residents. 

Indoor climate

A healthy indoor climate is important.

In order to ensure fresh air in the student housing, it’s important that you keep the air vents in the windows and on the walls open, and that you don’t block up existing ventilation. This is designed to prevent condensation on the windows and walls, which causes damage over time and results in a poor indoor environment. Covering the windows must not occur. Thick curtains and blinds in bedrooms should be open during daytime. In the event that there is a lot of water vapour on the windows, you need to wipe this up.

Air your student housing by opening the windows completely for a short time. In this way, you will get fresh air inside without the surfaces freezing. Don’t turn off the heat in your student housing when you go out during the winter. It’s necessary to maintain an indoor temperature of about 16 ˚C. This will prevent you having to cover expenses due to frost damage. Remember to check that doors and windows are locked.

Storage rooms

Storage rooms connected to the student housing must be kept tidy. Open fire or the storage of flammable materials are not permitted. Tenants who store belongings in communal storage rooms must label their belongings with name and address. Remember to remove your stored belongings when you move out of the student housing. Any unmarked items and items considered to be rubbish will be disposed of..