Pick up the key
If you arrive during official arrival days, and arrive within the given time frame, your international student coordinator will have the key when you are met upon arrival. If you arrive outside official arrival days, you have to pick up the key at our office in Havnegata 9 during our ordinary opening hours Monday to Thursday 09.00-15.00, Friday 09.00-14.00. The rental agreement must be signed and the deposit paid to receive your keys. 
The rooms are equipped with basic furniture and share some common facilities: kitchen, bathrooms, toilets, storage rooms and laundry room. Samskipnaden provides hardware items in the kitchen: refrigerator, cooker, dining table, chairs, etc. Students should supply their own kitchen equipment. The rooms are furnished with bed, closeth, desk, chair, book case, small table and lounge chair. It is not allowed to remove any of the furniture, but if there is enough space, you are welcome to have additional furniture. Please keep in mind that any additional furniture must be removed when you move out. It is possible to rent bedding equipment including duvet, pillow, bed linen (sheets and pillow cases) from Samskipnaden. Cost is 350 NOK.
Pictures and posters
Pictures can be hung on the list that is set up on all walls. In addition, Blu-Tack or similar suspension kits, or plastic hooks with tape tabs can be used. As long as it is light things, and you do not make holes or marks on the walls, you can hang things outside the list. See rental agreement on tenants duties during lease 7.1.

You can terminate your rental agreement. When you give notice, a 2 month notice period starts from the 1st in the following month.

E.g. If you give notice October 6th, the notice period starts November 1st., and your contract ends December 31.

If you want to terminate your rental agreement, you give notice via your profile at studentbolig.samskipnaden.no

You must pay rent for the notice period, even if you move out earlier. Your student housing must be handed over properly cleaned, and will be inspected. Sent an email to harstad.bolig@samskipnaden.no at least two weeks before you move out to schedule the inspection. 

If you don't pass the inspection, you must clean again. If you are not able to reclean, a fee will be deducted from your deposit. 

Remember to empty the storage room of your belongings before you move, and hand in both your key and laundry chip. 



Tenants are responsible for cleaning and ordering their own room. The tenant is also required to keep common areas clean and tidy, together with the other tenants. 

Common area; kitchen, living room, bathroom and hallway

All tenants are responsible for keeping the common areas clean and tidy. You can either choose to have one week each where one holds the responsibility to clean, clean together each week, or divide it into areas; one week you should clean the bathroom, the next the kitchen, then the hallway etc. Regardless of which way you and your roommates choose to organize it, you must clean and tidy after yourself after use when using the common areas. 

The first Wednesday of each month, Samskipaden will carry out a control of the common area. In case of lack of cleaning, there will be a chance to re-clean. If it is not done at the next check, Samskipnaden will provide cleaning of common area at the expense of the tenants. 

Inspection when moving out / handing in keys
An inspection is made to check the cleaning of your room and common areas, and must be arranged no later than one week before departure. It is important that you are present during the inspection and that you schedule the inspection well before you have to take the airport shuttle bus, so that you have the time to re-clean if you don't pass the inspection. 
Contact the office to schedule inspection at least one week before you are moving. The cleaning check has to be during our opening hours.                           
Keys and laundry cards are to be handed in after the inspection, unless otherwise agreed.
If you have agreed to deliver a key in the janitor's mailbox at the student housing, key and laundry chip must be enclosed in an envelope with name and room number.