Rent is due on the 15th each month. An invoice for the rent is sent electronically, and can be found in your profile at   You will be notified on email, and in the app if you have it, when the invoice is available. You can either pay directly through with your credit card, or download a PFD. of the invoice and pay via online banking. If you don't pay within the payment deadline, you will be charged with a late fee, currently 63 NOK.  

Remember to use IBAN and SWIFT/BIC if you pay through a foreign bank account.

IBAN                   NO5997310504029


Account number for deposit payments: 9731 07 02688

Invoice for deposit can be found at the end of your rental agreement. 

Remember IBAN and SWIFT/BIC.

IBAN                   NO7597310702688

Deposit must be paid before you move in. 

The deposit will be refunded, normally within one month, after you move out and have registered your bank information. If you have outstanding rent, don't get the cleaning approved etc., it will be deducted from your deposit.  

It is not possible to pay rent or deposit my cash - it must be paid online via or online banking. 

Rental period
Our rental agreements run from August 1 to December 31 or July 31. Your payment obligations follows the rental period.
Termination of the lease

You can terminate your rental agreement. When you give notice, a 2 month notice period starts from the 1st in the following month.

E.g. If you give notice September 6th, the notice period starts October 1st., and your contract ends November 30.

If you want to terminate your rental agreement, you give notice via your profile at

You must pay rent for the notice period, even if you move out earlier. Your student housing must be handed over properly cleaned, and will be inspected. Sent an email to at least two weeks before you move out to schedule the inspection. 

If you don't pass the inspection, you must clean again. If you are not able to reclean, a fee will be deducted from your deposit. 

Remember to empty the storage room of your belongings before you move, and hand in both your key and laundry chip.