Actic Gym og Bad
Actic Gym og Bad located inside the mountain in the town centre. Access to Grottebadet is included in the membership.
CrossFit Harstad
CrossFit Harstad is Harstads only Crossfit box. Located in Samasjøen, a few minutes walk from UiT and Tordenskjold student housing, as well as Flåtenveien student housing. 
DansManía dansestudio
DansManía dansestudio located in the town centre. They offer zumba, salsa and the like. 
Stamina trening Harstad has three gyms in Harstad, one in the town centre, one in the Seljestad neighbourhood and one in Kanebogen.
Sky Fitness
Sky Fitness is Harstads newest gym. They are located in Harstadbotn - in the sam building as Bohus and Yoginis yoga studio.
Yoginis yogastudio
Yoginis yogastudio offers drop-in and classes. Located in Harstadbotn, in the same building as Sky Fitness and Bohus.