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How to apply for student housing

Step-by-step information about the application process

How to use the My Page

1. Select the student housing you wish to apply for

Select the student housing options you wish to apply for. Your selected options will appear in your shopping basket. The more you apply for, the greater your chances of being allocated student housing. However, you should not apply for student housing you don’t want to live in. If you receive an offer of student housing but decline, your application will be cancelled. If that happens, you will need to reapply and start at the back of the queue.

2. Go to the application

Click on the shopping basket (your housing preferences) and Proceed to application.

You can prioritize the student housing you most want to live in under My housing preferences. Check that the housing is in the same town/city as you will study in.

3. Fill in the customer information

Fill in customer information.

Fill in details, including your preferred moving in date, under Application information. If you apply to move in June or July (or another month), you will be allocated housing if and when suitable housing becomes vacant.

  • Student housing with universal design: If you wish to be given priority for housing adapted for wheelchair users, you must apply for this. Please note that you must upload medical documentation of your disability in your application.
  • Students with children and/or cohabitant: If you have children, it is important you fill this in, including the name(s) and year of birth of your children. If you don’t fill this in, you won’t be given priority for the family housing. If you have a cohabitant, it is important you fill in this field. Your cohabitant does not have to be a student at UiT.
  • Other relevant information: At the bottom of the Application information, you will find a section for comments. Please fill in any additional information you think may be relevant for your application. Do you have friends you wish to live beside/share a flat with? Are you considering bringing a pet (remember you need to apply for this)? Do you have any allergies or medical considerations? Please write such information here.

4. Documentation

If you are a first-year student and have not yet received written confirmation that you have been admitted to a programme, you can jump over the point about documentation. Other applicants may attach documentation of paid semester fee, academic progress, etc.

5. Submit your application

Check that everything is correct and then submit your application!

After submitting your application, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address stated in your application (please ensure this is correct when you apply) confirming your application has been received. If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact the Housing Office.

6. Keep your application updated

You can change your application as long as you have not been allocated housing.

Response to your application

1. Continuous allocation

Our student housing is allocated continuously as the students move out. If you applied earlier and are under 23, you have a good chance of being allocated student housing. We will notify you by email when you receive an offer for housing.

You will remain on the waiting list until you are allocated student housing or choose not to renew your application.

2. Remember to accept the offer

Remember to accept any offer of student housing within the stipulated deadline. If you decline, your application will be cancelled.

You can accept an offer of student housing before you know whether you have been admitted to a programme at UiT. If you are not admitted or choose to study elsewhere, please notify us within one week of the notification from the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS). We will then cancel your rental agreement free of charge.

3. Sign your rental agreement

You do this on My Page.

Pick your key up at the Housing Office on the campus, unless otherwise arranged. If you need to pick up your key outside our opening hours, please contact us well in advance.

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Updated 30.03.2023

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