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Contact the Housing Office

Do you need to get in touch with your campus Housing Office?

Do you have a contract with us?

We ask that those who have signed a housing contract with us, contact us via My page

Emergency Situations

If an emergency occurs during working hours, please contact your Housing Office.

For emergencies outside of working hours that require immediate attention (broken pipes, fire (call the fire department!), power outage, lost keys, etc.), get in touch with the security company affiliated with your campus.

Tromsø - NOKAS Avarn: 975 30 006
Alta - AVARN: 45 26 40 33
Harstad: 476 18 399
Narvik - NOKAS: 466 37 245
Hammerfest - Securitas: 911 15 974

Svalbard: Read at Svalbard's site

Updated 07.07.2023

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