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Laundry room reservation

In Tromsø you can reserve washing machines online. On other campuses, you buy a laundry card from your campus housing office.

Updated: 22.01.2021

Laundry Prices

Tromsø and Harstad: 22 NOK
15 NOK
Narvik, Hammerfest and Svalbard:
Included in rent prices

Miele Reservation

All student housing in Tromsø (except Breivika and Forhåpningen) and Tordenskjold and Flåtenveien student housing in Harstad have laundry rooms connected to Miele's portal.

One wash costs 22 kroner and the use of a dryer is free for everyone. Your key tag is also your laundry tag (we also have our own wash cards). All residents receive a chip, username and password when moving in on their own form. If you did not receive a piece when moving in, you can contact your campus' housing office.

At Dramsvegen Panorama, Blokk 3 (the tallest building) you can use an app to wash your laundry. Download Mieles AppWass at AppWash/Miele

Miele Reservation

Reserve a machine in your student housing


Laundry Payment

You have to pay in advance for the use of the washing machines online. If you have forgotten your username and password, you can contact your housing office for new login information. You can change the password when logging in for the first time.

Log in to Miele's portal. Then select "account/payment" and then "payment to account". Here you select the amount you want to pay. Then follow further instructions. When confirmation is received, the money is transferred to the laundry account and can be used immediately.

Refund of balance

If you want to refund any outstanding balance from the laundry account, this can be done from the same page as you made the payment by pressing the refund button. This must be done no later than six months after the payment was made, and the card (Visa or MasterCard) must still be valid. It is not possible to repay the remaining balance from amounts paid in other ways than via online banking.

Should you be unlucky enough to lose your chip, it is important that you make a refund claim and contact us to receive a new card.

Reserving Laundry

You can reserve a washing time both on Miele's website and directly on the machines. The reservation is valid for 15 minutes after the reserved time. If you arrive 15 minutes late for a reserved wash, the machine will be released, and others can use the washing machine. You will be charged for reserved laundry that is not used.

When booking online, select your laundry room via the map. Make sure you choose the right laundry room. Forhåpningen and Breivika student housing must sign up for the lists in their respective laundry rooms. We ask that the washing lists be respected so that everyone gets the washing time they have reserved.

You can also wash without reservation. Then use your chip (Salto or Miele chip) directly on a free machine. Dryers can not be reserved in advance.

Text message reminder

It is possible to receive an SMS reminder about your reservation, or that the washing machine and/or dryer is finished.

When you start the machines in the laundry, you can request a reminder that the washing machine or dryer is finished, in the form of an SMS to your mobile phone (only Norwegian phone numbers are possible). Press <SMS?> On the display and then enter your mobile number. The next time you use your card in the laundry, the machine will remember your number. 5 minutes before the machine is finished, you will receive a text message.

You can also request notification of the reserved washing time. Then you can decide for yourself how long in advance you will be reminded (up to 24 hours) of your reservation(s). If you book a period that has already begun, you will not be notified.

SMS notifications can be activated both in the laundry and on the internet. The service is free.

If you experience problems using the laundry system, you can first read the instructions from Miele. It can often help to try a different browser. From experience, Google Chrome is the one that works best. Contact the housing office during opening hours if you still experience problems, and we will help you!