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Contact us and emergency situations

How to get in touch with us and who to contact for emergency situations outside of our office hours

Contact information

Phone Hours: 09.00 am to 03.00 pm
+47 940 09 153

For emergency situations

These numbers are ONLY for immediate emergency situations outside of our opening hours, and shall only be used in case of risk of severe water damage, there is no water in the student housing, the power is gone, or there is something wrong with the fire panel.

Electrician: J.M. Hansen.
Phone: +47 909 23 008

Plumber: Assemblin
Phone: +47 900 42 509

Lost keys: VVS Service AS (this comes with a fee)
Phone: +47 957 33 059 / +47 995 96 048


Fire safety instructions

Fire safety instructions

  • The tenant must be familiar with and observe the building’s fire instructions.
  • Stairways, corridors, and all accommodations units are equipped with smoke detectors. Elvesletta student home is also equipped with a sprinkler system. In each kitchen you will find a fire blanked, fire extinguisher and Foam fire extinguishers
    In the hallways you will find fire hose.
  • Escape routes shall always be free of objects.
  • Do not store equipment or dry clothing in the corridors.
  • Never put clothing or shoes on the heater to dry
  • Candles may be used in the shared kitchen/TV-room areas only. Please note that only candleholders made of glass, ceramics, and metal (that give support for the candles) are allowed. NO BOTTLES, since they fall over easily
  • It is forbidden to store gasoline or any inflammable liquids indoors. It shall be placed in the pallets frame that you will find at the snow mobile parking place outside Elvesletta 15.
  • Smoking inside and at the entrance is prohibited.
  • The tenant may be held liable for expenses incurred by the landlord if an emergency call or fire-brigade turnout is caused by negligent behavior on the part of the tenant.
  • Removal or damage to the fire alarm system entails liability and may in seriously cases lead to termination of the lease

In case of fire alarm, please meet up at designated meeting point, which is southwest of the building. A sign marks the spot

Updated 18.07.2023

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