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House rules

When many people live together, it’s important to show consideration to each other. Consequently, in addition to the tenancy agreement, we have several house rules which all tenants must follow.

Updated: 20.10.2021

Cleaning of common areas

Everyone is responsible for ensuring the common areas are clean and tidy. It is sensible for the tenants to hold a joint kitchen meeting to agree a cleaning schedule whereby everyone takes turns to have the main responsibility.

If it proves difficult to get everyone to attend such a meeting, or you experience other challenges with the cleaning of common areas, feel free to contact our Tenant Welfare Coordinator, Kjerstin. She can assist with calling in to a meeting and attend the meeting, if necessary.


All the Student Welfare Organisation’s housing is smoke-free. This applies to the student flats and the common areas.

Peace and quiet

Respect each other’s right to work in peace and be considerate to your fellow residents. It should be quiet in the student housing and at the property in general from 11 p.m. (23:00) on weekdays and midnight (24:00) on weekends. Any noise must not be a nuisance to other residents at any time. Each resident is responsible for the behaviour of their guests. If you plan to have overnight guests for several days at a time, you must notify the Landlord and in addition inform the residents with whom you share common areas.


Tenants are not normally permitted to have pets in the student housing. However, the Student Welfare Organisation permits this in some instances, providing the keeping of pets is not an inconvenience for other residents.

The keeping of pets in prohibited in single rooms, owing to problems related to common areas, common entrances and allergies.

The student flats at Storelva are well suited for pets. Consequently, pets are permitted here. However, you are still required to send an application in advance to the Student Welfare Organisation.

If you live in other student flats with a separate entrance, you may also apply for permission to keep pets. However, you must have particularly good reasons and you require the acceptance of your neighbours. Such permission may be withdrawn at any time if the animal is a nuisance to others.

It is a requirement that dogs, cats and rabbits have ID tags, while cats and rabbits must be castrated.


People make sounds just by living and moving in their room/flat and create a mess and rubbish every time they cook. This is normal, but people perceive noise and mess differently.

If you experience unacceptable noise (especially after the stated quiet times, 11 p.m. (23.00)/midnight (24.00)), or those you share a kitchen with do not tidy up, wash/clean and throw out rubbish, you may send a compliant to the Student Welfare Organisation.

How to make a complaint

Harassment and unpleasant or offensive behaviour

If you experience harassment or unpleasant or offensive behaviour, which you are unsure how to deal with, contact the housing office belonging to your Campus, via e-mail or inquiries in the Housing Portal, and we will help you.

Other complaints

Start by telling the person concerned. You can knock on the door of the person you believe is making too much noise or not cleaning and tidying up. Tell the person concerned what you react to. Be prepared, clear and say it in a pleasant way and without getting angry.

Send a written complaint

If the situation does not improve after telling the person concerned, you can send a written complaint to the housing office belonging to your Campus. We will then take the matter forward.

The path forward

If the matter is not resolved after this, we will assess an appropriate reaction. How we choose to react depends on how serious or difficult the matter is. We often request a meeting to hear the other person’s version of events. In the event of repeated serious breaches of the tenancy agreement and house rules, we can terminate the person’s tenancy agreement or not renew it.


Kjerstin Carlson

Tenant Welfare Coordinator

kjerstin.carlson@samskipnaden.no992 51 312

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