Medical assistance for international students staying one semester or less

Students staying only 1 semester will not get their own GP (general practitioner/doctor), but you can get a doctors appointment at Alleen Health Clinic within opening hours, Monday to Friday. You should inform them that you are a student at the university. 

If you need to see a doctor outside of opening hours, you should to use the Emergency Clinic Legevakt at Narvik hospital. They are open between 16.00 - 08.00 in the week, and 24/7 on the weekends. You will have to pay for the medical examination, and be reimbursed by your insurance company later. A general consultation at the emergency clinic costs around NOK 240.

If you are in doubt of whether you need a doctor, you may call and consult them at phone number: (+47) 116 117

Any questions regarding your rights or procedures, contact the Student Counselling Centre.


Medical assistance for international students staying for at least two semesters

When your Norwegian ID is confirmed, you will also receive information about who is your GP (general practitioner/doctor). If you wish to change doctor, you can do so online, but it will require electronic ID (e.g. bank ID). You are welcome to contact the International Student Counsellor for assistance.

Alternatively, you can call the national telephone hotline (800 43 573) for assistance. The Student Counselling Centre can help you to make that call. For information in English, please check 

Why should you have a GP? The consultation fees are lower when you use your regular GP than when using other medical centres or clinics, such as the emergency clinic. It may also be an advantage to consult the same doctor each time you require medical assistance. He or she will remember you and can easily check notes/results from previous consultations.

Consultation fees
Consultation fees will vary depending on whether you consult your regular GP or not, whether your consultation is in the daytime or evenings and whether specialist equipment and/or lab tests are required. In general, consulting your regular GP is cheaper than the emergency clinic. Fees will vary from NOK 141 to 250 per consultation. Consultations during pregnancy are free of charge. Hospital consultations with specialists are more expensive. For more information, please check

What to do if you need to consult a doctor
How to get the help you need will depend on the urgency of the matter and the type of help you require. There is a distinction between regular consultations and emergency consultations.

Regular consultations and access to specialist treatment
A regular consultation implies that you can wait a few days from when you contact the medical centre to arrange the appointment until you have the appointment without your health problem becoming more severe. If you are unsure of whether you need an emergency consultation or not, you may discuss this with the receptionist when you call to make the appointment. You will find out which medical centre to call when signing up for a regular GP.

If you think your problem requires specialist treatment, you still need to book an appointment with your regular GP first. Following the consultation, he/she will refer you to a hospital specialist if necessary. You cannot go straight to the hospital and ask to see a specialist.

If the reason for seeing a doctor relates to sexuality, contraceptives or pregnancy, we recommend you to use the Student Health Clinic instead of your regular GP as services at the health clinic are free of charge for students.


Need to see a dentist?

Dental care in Norway is privatised and is not covered by the Norwegian insurance scheme. Consequently, it is very expensive. To find a dentist, check and look under “Tannlege”. In the event of an emergency after office hours, go to the emergency clinic (Legevakt). Refer to Need to see a Doctor.

If you have any questions regarding your rights or procedures, please contact the Student Counselling Centre.

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