Do not ignore your exams. Prepare yourself mentally to take them. These are the Student Counselling Centre's tips for examinations.


1. Strengthen your motivation by finding a good motto to help you. "Be the best version of yourself", "I'm the best" - or whatever gives you meaning and motivation. "Do something today as your future self will be proud of" is nice.

2. A relaxed body is the best for learning. Learn a relaxation method. The Student Counselling Centre also has good tips for relaxation and stress relief.

3. Think through what you need to do on the day of the exam. Do a mock exam. On Fronter there are often previously given exams, these are an excellent way to practice.

4. Get acquainted with the exam room and how to get there. Find out where your exam takes place.

5. Take the time to charge your batteries. Leave the books, and relax the night before the exam. You have an energy-intensive day in front of you. Eat and sleep well. Many students cram the night before the exam, and get very little sleep. Trust in yourself that you already know the necessary curriculum and calm down.

6. If you can't sleep the night before - relax. You will still manage to keep yourself awake during the exam and consentrate for the few hours it will last.
The body and the brain are an outstanding machine. Bring a cup of coffee if you need some help to keep your eyelids open.

7. When you get the exam papers: Read them carefully! It is easy to ignore details in the exam text if you are not concentrated. Begin with what you know.
It's so stupid to answer the wrong questions because you were too quick at first. Review the tasks several times.

8. Take breaks during the exam. Move and stretch. Get up and jump around, go out and get some fresh air. Keep in mind that it's good enough, you don't need to always be the best.

Do you need someone to talk about exam stress or other challenges? Get in touch with the Student Counselling Centre.

Good luck!