Our student housing usually have sufficient parking spaces in connection with the homes. It is free to park for residents.


All out student houses receive their internet from UiT. This means you need an active user account at UiT to get online. Get in touch with UiT's IT support, Orakelet, to set up a user account.

If you experience problems with your internet connection, or need some customer service, you should also get in touch with Orakelet.


Our insurances do not cover the belongings of the tenants. All private belongings must therefore be insured by the students themselves, and we encourage everyone to take out a private household insurance. You may be covered by your parents' insurance, that can be worth checking out first.

Sustainable power

The electricity in the student accommodation stems from renewable and environmentally friendly sources through our cooperation with Bergen Energi and Ishavskraft. The power usage in the units will therefore not leave a carbon footprint. 

We donate 0,09 NKR per KWh to the project Track My Electricity. The donation is managed by the organisation Solbakken, and is used to build solar panels at schools between Thailand and Burma.

Electricity is included in the rent for most tenants.

A laundry room is available at all student housing areas, and usage of the washer and dryer is free. Students must provide their own detergent. Your house key fits the laundry room.
Waste disposal

Containers for burnable waste, are placed at the student housing. If you have waste that is too big for the containers (eg. furniture), send an email to; and we will help you.

Special waste such as glass, metal, cardboard, electronics, hazardous waste and other non-combustible waste are sorted according to HRS guidelines

Out of bags?
Waste bags and bio bags can be obtained from the Samskipnaden's offices.

Price list - supplementary services and fees