The Student Health Clinic


Sosialmedisinske senter
Søndre Tollbodgate 7
9008 Tromsø

The Student Health Clinic is a common offer from the municipality of Tromsø (Tromsø kommune) and the Arctic Student Welfare Organisation (Norges arktiske studentsamskipnad), and is run by the Health Service of the Centre for Social Medicine (Helsetjenesten ved Sosialmedisinsk senter). 

What services are offered?

The Student Health Clinic is a free of charge service for students in Tromsø, offering services from doctor, nurse or public health nurse, related to issues like contraception (counselling and/or prescriptions), HIV testing and counselling, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI), gynecology, pregnancy testing, referrals for abortion, sex and sexuality.

Call 777 90 400 for an appointment.

For other kinds of ailments and/or injuries, we recommend you to contact your personal doctor (fastlege), or the emergency clinic legevakta (telephone 116 117).

Drop-in appointments
When coming for a drop-in appointment, please first take a queue number. Then you will be called to the front desk. If this is your first visit, we will register your personal data such as name, d.o.b., address and phone number. You wait for your turn. The waiting time will depend on whom you will be seeing and how many turn up for drop-in. You will have a consultation with a doctor, a nurse or a public health nurse, depending on the cause for your visit.
Contraceptive Pills in General
You may have a prescription for contraceptive pills at the Student Health Clinic. If you have not used the pill before, you will need a short consultation with a doctor or nurse before we issue the prescription. This also applies if you have previously been on the pill, but not prescribed by the Student Health Clinic. If you wish to renew a prescription originally prescribed by us, there is no need for a consultation. In this case, just call for a renewal. The doctor will then issue an electronic prescription, and you can buy the pills at the pharmacy of your choice. 
Sexually Transmitted Diseases in General (STD)
Chlamydia is the only infection we test for, unless you have specific symptoms or have been in situations implying that we should test for other infections. The test is run from a regular urine sample (boys and girls) or from a sample from the vagina (girls). To secure a definite result of the test, the time for the potential infection, must date at least 2 weeks back, and for the urine sample to give an accurate test result, you should not have been to the lavatory the last two hours. All samples from the Student Health Clinic are sent to the university hospital (UNN) for analysis, and it will take around 2 weeks for a result.
Student Counselling Centre
The student welfare organization also provides a counselling service, which can be of help in many situations. You can find information about it here: Informasjon om Studentrådgivinga finner du her. sjekk lenke