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Updated: 25.10.2021

Our task is to provide a good framework during the study period for the 16,000 students who are affiliated with UiT - Norwegian Arctic University and UNI University Studies on Svalbard. Samskipnaden's services contribute to mastery, well-being and security in everyday study. When you use our services, you can be sure that we always do our best to enable you to complete your studies with the least possible worries. We always have the student in focus.

Samskipnaden has around 450 employees, and our offers are connected to the campuses in Alta, Hammerfest, Harstad, Narvik, Svalbard and Tromsø.

In the community, we are concerned about sustainability and the environment in all our services. All the power to our student housing comes from 100% renewable, environmentally friendly sources, several of our photos are electric, and we use electric bikes on campus. We even have two coffee shops that are plastic free!

Our vision is For The Student and our values are committed, welcoming and innovative.

We work with

Student housing

Samskipnaden rents out more than 3,000 homes to students in Alta, Hammerfest, Harstad, Longyearbyen, Narvik and Tromsø. We have a varied offer for singles, couples, families with children and students with disabilities. You can choose between a location close to the city center, campus or close to nature and good hiking opportunities.

You can apply for housing with the association throughout the year, but it's smart to apply before Christmas to get housing for the start of the semester in August. International students, students under the age of 23, applicants with disabilities and students with children are given priority. Beyond that, it applies first-come, first-served.

Download the app Bolig Samskipnaden to gather everything you need as a resident with us in one place, right in your pocket.

Food and drink

Samskipnaden operates 21 restaurants at UiT's campuses in Alta, Harstad, Narvik and Tromsø. Our cafes, coffee bars and pubs together have over 2000 seats and offer a large selection of food and drink in pleasant surroundings. Enjoy a coffee in one of our coffee bars, or have dinner with the colloquium group in one of our cafes.

All our cafes have vegetarian options and we focus on environmentally friendly choices. If you buy Miljøkoppen, you get a reduced price for coffee, by using it again and again and again.

Student life

Student life aims to contribute to better student and association life, as well as update you on what is happening in the student environment.

Student life helps student associations with courses and activities, but we can now also contribute if you want to start a completely new one. We focus on well-being, coping and security.

Student kindergartens

Samskipnaden runs seven kindergartens. Our skilled employees provide over 450 children with a good educational offer that is adapted to the students' needs every day. If you have an exam and your child becomes ill, we will help you with childcare. If you need extended opening hours for a period, for example in connection with practice, we will help you with that as well. Open on Saturdays in May gives you an extra reading day for the exam.

Our kindergartens serve nutritious and healthy hot food every day. Nature is our largest playground and we have several bases where nature and outdoor life are particularly emphasized. Children with a place in one of our student kindergartens will also be given priority in a new location if you want to change campus during your studies. The child can continue to go to kindergarten even when you have finished studying.

Tromsø's five student kindergartens have a common overall focus area "One hundred worlds to discover! Play, interaction and relationships in the kindergarten." and one of Tromsø's kindergartens has a department for children with a Sami background. Here the children get to develop their Sami language and experience pride in their culture. Nyland student kindergarten in Alta has the kindergarten year 2020/2021 extra focus on "Relationship competence." In Narvik, Soria Moria student kindergarten has science as its focus area.

Student counseling

At the student counseling service, we offer help and support to solve personal problems for our students. On all our campuses, we have competent professionals who can help you cope with stress, depression, anxiety, and other things that can make everyday life difficult. The offer is free for students at UiT, referral is not necessary and we have a short waiting time.

If you have questions regarding sexual health, you can visit the local health station for students, where guidance and follow-up is offered. You will also find chlamydia self-testing stations on all campuses

Student sports

Samskipnaden has a student-adapted and versatile training offer that provides profits and energy for the studies. Our gyms have strength and conditioning facilities, group classes, personal training and climbing - all at student-friendly prices.

In collaboration with the student sports teams, team sports, martial arts, water sports, dance, powerlifting, billiards, mountain and summit hikes, cross-country skiing and outdoor groups are also offered. The offer varies from city to city.

Samskipnaden owns and operates the fitness centers Kraft sports center and Elverhøy student training center in Tromsø, Kraft Narvik and Kraft Stadion in Narvik and Alta student training center on the Alta campus.

Student house

Our student houses are largely run by students on a voluntary basis. In the course of a year, up to 170 concerts are arranged, in addition to countless events on one of our six stages - everything from club nights, debates, theme nights and quizzes.

Alta is the Studenhuset City Scene which is the students' large living room. Concerts are held here and is a natural nightclub in Alta. A separate eatery adjacent to the student house offers an exciting menu in beautiful premises in the center of Alta. The students have also made their own beer festival which is very popular.

The student community Driv i Tromsø is Northern Norway's largest concert organizer and is run on a voluntary basis by the students in Tromsø. At any given time, there are around 100 active volunteers working at Driv in new, beautiful premises in the center of Tromsø. Driv is both a student house and a student community, and a large number of student organizations and groups are affiliated with the community at the house.

In Harstad, Samskipnaden runs Ludo Bar & Scene, a concert hall and nightclub located next to the university, in the center of Harstad. Ludo is run by students at the Norwegian Arctic University, campus Harstad, on a voluntary basis.

Tekniker'n is the students' own student inn at UiT campus Narvik. The inn is located downstairs on campus and is open twice a week, Wednesdays and Fridays. The technician is run by volunteer students.


Akademika Tromsø is the student bookstore at UiT. We work all year round to have the syllabus and a wide selection of relevant professional literature available - both Norwegian and international literature. Our anchoring on campus and proximity to the studies gives us a unique knowledge that benefits our customers.

We go to great lengths to find good solutions outside Tromsø as well. That is why we offer ready-made book packages that students can order directly from us.


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