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Information about Covid-19

Information about how our services are affected by the coronavirus

Updated: 22.09.2020


We have reopened several of our cafeterias. To do this, we must ask all our guests to take certain precautions.

  1. When seated, keep a 1 metre distance from those you sit with unless you already live together.
  2. Keep a 1 metre distance, especially when in line.
  3. We will leave hand disinfectant at entrances and other convenient locations, and ask that you use these
  4. Follow the guidelines from FHI, and stay home if you experience symptoms of an airway infection.

Find our cafeteria opening hours and menus here.

Counselling - for when you need someone to talk to

You can book an appointment by calling us by phone: 77 64 90 50, or book an appointment online. NOTE! To book an online appointment, you need a Norwegian phone number.

You can talk with us no matter where you are in the world, free of charge, as long as you're a student at UiT. If you want an in-person appointment, this must be booked via phone.


The semester is well on its way, and The Arctic Student Welfare Organisation wishes to praise all students living with us. The vast majority have behaved exemplary, taken transmission control seriously, stayed in small groups and kept a one metre distance. We have luckily not had any confirmed cases in our student housing, and we are very happy to see our tenants being responsible to prevent transmission.

The regulations around preventing infection are strict in Norway, and we are consequently very concerned that we as the landlord and you as tenant are doing what we can together to prevent infection. Based on this, we ask you to comply with the following:

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