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Det norske mannskor


Det norske mannskor av 1995

Smack dab in the middle of "the Paris of the north", under inspiring northern ligths and between all the beauty northern Norwegian nature has to offer, you can find the Norwegian Men's Chorus of 1995.


Contact information:

As an academic men's chorus at The Arctic University of Norway we are the only men's chorus to accept all students and workers across academic disciplines, ages and careers who wish to stand with us in song.

If YOU think you are man enough, a membership in our choir will give you the opportunity to participate in a fellowship that meets weekly to practice and enjoy themselves. It will also give you the advantages of being able to:

  • Participate in two yearly concerts
  • Join us in participating in events like the Academic Choir-conference (Akademisk Kortreff) and the Nordic Student Singers' Summit
  • Joining us in singing-gigs at everything from weddings to larger events in the city
  • Enjoy yourself at the choir's own events like the Norwegian Championship, National day celebrations and "Game"-night (Our yearly christmas feast).

If singing is not for you, but you need a group of singers that can spice up your private events or that can come provide song at a larger event, you need only contact us to find out if we can provide exactly what you need to put that cherry on top of your cake.

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