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Arktisk kor


Norges arktiske studentkor

The choir is for those who want to sing good choral music of high quality!



Norges Arktiske Studentkor was started in 2020 by music interested students.

The choir is for you who want to sing multi-voiced and exiting choir music of high quality! The choir is open to students of all genders, as well as people up to the age of 32 who are not students.

We would love to meet you who have sung in a choir before or have other experience with music, but you are also welcome if you just really want to try and sing in a choir.

In the beginning of every semester we arrange open rehearsals, where you get the opportunity to meet the other singers and try out what it's like to be in the choir. The open rehearsals get published as events on Facebook, where you will find information about time and place.

There will be an audition before you get recruited into the choir as a permanent member. This is for us to get to know you as a singer and person, and it is nothing to be nervous for.

We want to work towards clear goals and concerts. The plan is to have two concerts of varying size per semester. As well as the musical quality, we like to focus on the social aspect of the choir. We therefore try to do something social together about once a month.

The choir is conducted by Fredrik Wilhelm Garmann Klare. He has a bachelor in musicology from UiO, with classical song as his main instrument. He has many years of experience as an assistant conductor for St. Hallvardsguttene, as well as being a choir singer himself.

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