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Do you want to start exercising, but something is stopping you? Join KraftStart at Kraft Sports Centre!

Updated: 26.10.2021

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Perhaps you think it's scary to become a member of an unfamiliar gym, where you don’t know where anything is? Maybe you feel uncertain about whether you use the equipment correctly? Do you want to go to fitness classes, but don’t want to go alone? Or maybe you need some motivation and the feeling that someone is cheering you on?

At Kraft Sports Centre we now have an offer called KraftStart. This is for you who have no previous experience with going to the gym, and who needs a training partner to get started. With KraftStart, we want you to experience the joy of exercise and have a sense of security about being physically active, with the goal that physical activity becomes a fun part of your everyday life!

Together we will find a form of exercise that is right for you. You can get help to set up an exercise program, get guidance on exercise techniques, or you can get someone to go to group classes with. We can also help you with practical things such as registration, tips on how to pack your training bag, and guide you to group classes that are right for you.

Fill out the contact form above and our staff will get in touch.

The offer only applies to students.


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