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Training partner

Training partner is an offer for all students who want to find someone to train with!

Updated: 25.10.2021


Become a training partner!

Pre-register today for Training Partner and be among the first to be contacted by other Training Partners when we launch on 18 January!


What is Training Partner?

Training partner is a service from Samskipnaden and Kraft Sportssenter that allows students to find new training partners.

The service is free, and gives you the opportunity to stay and contact other fitness enthusiasts. You can choose to find someone who has experience in the same form of training as you, or you can find someone who is not experienced and who trains something completely different than yourself. What you choose is up to you, and you choose whether you want to contact another Training Partner.

The services are anonymous until you get in touch and will show registered training partners in an unidentifiable list (as best you can), at launch on 18 January.

Important to keep in mind!

As a participant in the Training Partner service, it is important to keep the following in mind:

  • Follow Training Partner's guidelines (see below)
  • If you are new to Kraft Sportssenter, we can assist with a training supervisor - contact
  • When you reply to a message from a Training Partner, or contact a Training Partner, he or she will receive your contact information
  • If you do not respond to any inquiries from Training Partners, they will not know that you use the service or who you are
  • Samskipnaden and Kraft Sportssenter do not take responsibility for activity or communication between Training Partners
  • If you do not have a membership at Kraft Sportssenter, just visit these pages:
  • https://tromso.kraftsportssent...


  • Valid membership at Kraft Sportssenter.
  • You can opt out of the service at any time
  • You are responsible for ensuring that correct personal information is registered in Treningspartner's systems at all times. This information can be changed via my page or by contacting
  • You must treat everyone with respect, and refrain from any form of communication, action or treatment that may be perceived as offensive.
  • You should avoid all forms of verbal intimacy and touch that are sexually charged that are perceived as unwanted by the other party during the sessions / meetings.


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