Emergency Situation

If there is an emergency situation during the working hours (Monday - Friday, 08.30 - 15.00), please contact the Service Center on tel. 776 49030, or visit us at the Teorifag building house 2 on campus.

Some emergency situations require immediate repairs / remedies that can not wait until the next business day. This could be water damage, fire (call fire service!), power outage, other emergencies. If the crisis occurs outside of working hours, please contact Nokas Security on phone 975 30006.

Prestvannet student housing

Elvherhøy and Mortensnes student housing

Storskogåsen, Stakkevollan and Dramsvegen student housing

Åsgårdveien, Forhåpningen and Breivika student housing

Øvre Breivang student housing

Ørndalen and Storelva student housing

Tenant Welfare Coordinator 


Tromsø housing


Teorifagbygget house 2, 2. floor

Opening hours
Monday - friday 08.00 - 15.00
Email: tromso.bolig@samskipnaden.no
Telephone: 77 64 90 30

Emergency situations outside office hours
NOKAS security mobile 975 30 006