Read the complete house rules here. When a group of different people live together, it is important to show consideration towards one another.


Please note that smoking is not permitted in any of our buildings/rooms or common areas. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Peace and quiet
Respect each other’s right to work in peace, and be considerate to your fellow residents. It should be quiet in the student housing and on the property in general, from 11 pm (23:00) on weekdays and midnight (24:00) on weekends. Any noise, including TV and music, must not be a nuisance to other residents at any time. Each resident is responsible for the behaviour of their guests. If you plan to have overnight guests for several days at a time, you must notify the Samskipnaden and in addition inform the residents with whom you share common areas.

People make sounds just by living and moving around in their rooms. People make a mess and create rubbish when they cook. That’s normal. However, people experience noise and mess differently.

When living in student housing, one must tolerate some level of noise and a little mess. But if you are experiencing noise beyond what’s acceptable (and particularly after 11 p.m.), or if you share a kitchen with someone who does not clean, wash up or throw away rubbish, you can make a complaint to Samskipnaden.

If you are experiencing uncomfortable, aggressive or violent behaviour that frightens you, call the police at 02800 or the Norwegian emergency number 112.

Steps for complaint:

  1. Are you experiencing harassment, uncomfortable or offensive behaviour that you are uncertain how to handle, you can email or talk with the welfare coordinator Her offices are located in the service centre in Teorifagbygget, House 2.
  2. Other complaints: Start by notifying the person it concerns. You can knock on the door of the person you consider to be making too much noise or does not clean or tidy up after themselves. Let this person know in a friendly manner, without anger. Tell them your concern. Be prepared and clear.
  3. If nothing improves after notifying them, you may send a written complaint to or add a complaint to MyPage. Student Housing will email the person the complaint concerns and inform them about the complaint and the rules, then ask for a response.
  4. If this does not solve the issue, Samskipnaden will consider how to move forward. What we do depends on the severity of the reported issue. We will often ask for a conversation with the reported tenant for their perspective on the matter. In cases of repeated violations of the contract and house rules, we may terminate the tenant’s contract or refuse them a renewal.

On a general basis, pets are not allowed in the student housing. In some cases, it may still be permitted, but only after written permission from Samskipnaden, and only as long as it is not a nuisance to other residents.

In the single rooms, which all have a shared entrances, there is a total ban on pets. This is due to possible problems in common areas, common entrances and with allergies, and the fact that few animals lead good lives confined to a few square meters.

The flats at Storelva are particularly suitable for pets, and here we allow residents to keep animals. You must still submit an application to the Samskipnaden in advance and get written permission.

If you live in other student flats with your own entrance, you can also apply for a permit to keep a pet, but you must have good reasons. It also depends on the approval of the residents around you. A permit to have animals can also be withdrawn at any time. For example, if your dog makes so much noise that other residents complain, or your cat is urinating everywhere. Therefore, it is best to find alternative solutions, rather than bring your pet with you, when you move to student housing.

We require that dogs, cats and rabbits are ID chipped and cats and rabbits must be neutered.

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