Most of our student housing have parking* in connection with the homes. It is free to park for residents, but you must have an updated parking card. You can get a parking card at the Service Center during the opening hours. Bring your customer number, as well as the registration number on your car. Note that the parking card is issued only for as long as you have a tenancy contract with us. If you renew the contract, you must also remember to renew the parking card.

Expiration date is clearly written on the card. Changing the expiration date on the card yourself is not allowed, and if it for some reason it has become difficult to read (sun bleaching, for example) you will need to get a new card.

If you have guests who require parking, you can get a guest parking card at the Service centre. These last for two days at a time.

Parking outside of designated areas may result in fines or towing. Make sure you are parked legally in one of the clearly marked parking spaces. Read the signs by the parking spaces carefully. Cars that prevent snow clearing or garbage disposal, will be removed without notice. This also applies to cars that have had their licence plates removed.

*Note that Dramsvegen Panorama and Breivika does not have parking facilities.


Shared laundry facilities are available at all student housing. One wash costs 15 kroner while the use of a dryer is free of charge. Your key chip is also your laundry chip. All residents will receive one at check-in. If you have not received one, please contact the Services Center.

Payment of laundry
You must prepay for the use of the washing machines online. If you have forgotten your username and password, contact the Services Centre and they will help you. You can change the password at first time logon.

Log in to the laundry using the username and password you have received. 

• Select “konto/innbetaling” (account/payment) followed by “innbetaling til konto” (payment to account)

• Then choose the amount you want to pay. You may pay by Visa and MasterCard.

• Follow the instructions. When you have received a confirmation, the amount you chose has been transferred to your laundry account and may be used in the laundry immediately.

If you want a refund of the remaining balance from your laundry account, you can arrange this on the same webpage as you made the payment. Select the option for “Tilbakebetaling” (Refund). However, this must be done no later than six months after the payment was made, and the card you used for the payment (Visa or MasterCard) must still be valid. Remaining balances from amounts paid by means other than via online banking may not be refunded.

In the unfortunate event that you lose your chip, it is important you get your remaining balance refunded and then contact us for a new chip.

Booking a washing machine
Booking of a washing machine may be done online, or directly in the laundry. A reservation is valid for 15 minutes after the stated time. If you arrive 15 minutes late for your reserved wash, the reservation will be cancelled and others will be able to use the washing machine. You will be charged 15 kr for an unused booking.

You may book time online for aware that each place have their own url, so make sure you chose the right place.

At Forhåpningen and Breivika, you should book by signing up on the booking schedule in the laundry. Please respect other people’s bookings.

You may also do your washing without advance booking. Use your chip directly on an available machine.

Tumble dryers may not be booked in advance.

SMS reminder from the laundry
It is now possible to receive an SMS reminder of your reservation or a message that the washing machine and/or clothes dryer programme is finished.

When you start the machine at the laundry, you can request a message to be sent to your mobile phone when the washing machine or dryer is finished (Norwegian mobile phone numbers only). Press <SMS ?> on the display and then enter your mobile number. Your mobile number will be saved so next time you use your chip at the laundry, it will appear automatically. You will receive a message five minutes before the wash/dry is finished.

You may also request a reminder of your reservation. You can decide how far in advance you wish to be reminded (up to 24 hours) of your reservation(s). If you reserve a time that has already started, you will not receive a reminder.

SMS alerts may be activated at the laundry or via the internet. The service is free of charge.

If you experience any technical problems with the our laundries, report them on Your Page, or get in touch with the Service Centre.

All out student houses receive their internet from UiT. This means you need an active user account at UiT to get online. Get in touch with UiT's IT support, Orakelet, to set up a user account.

If you experience problems with your internet connection, or need some customer service, you should also get in touch with Orakelet.

Our insurances do not cover the belongings of the tenants. All private belongings must therefore be insured by the students themselves, and we encourage everyone to take out a private household insurance. You may be covered by your parents' insurance, that can be worth checking out first.
Sustainable power
The electricity in the student accommodation stems from renewable and environmentally friendly sources through our cooperation with Bergen Energi and Ishavskraft. The power usage in the units will therefore not leave a carbon footprint. 

We donate 0,09 NKR per KWh to the project Track My Electricity. The donation is managed by the organisation Solbakken, and is used to build solar panels at schools between Thailand and Burma.

Electricity is included in the rent for most tenants.

Waste desposal


Waste is sorted into five different bags. 

The bags are marked with both colour and text that indicates what type of waste goes where. You will find the coloured bags in the laundry rooms at the student housing.

Green bag: Food waste
Red bag: Paper and light carton (e.g. news papers and frozen pizza boxes)
Orange bag: Drink cartons (e.g milk cartons)
Blue bag: plastic packaging (must be lightly cleaned first)
Turned bag: other

Glas and metal should be disposed in specialist containers that are located several places in the city. Plastic bottles and metal cans can be returned at your local grocery shop and you get money for them. Small electrical appliances should also be returned to your local grocery shop/electronics shops.

Prices - supplementary services and fees