Your tenancy agreement 


Sub-letting is allowed when you as a resident is away as an exchange student as part of the studies at UiT. The new tenant must be a student and hold a valid student card. The contract holder is responsible for the accommodation, furnishings, and the property in the sub-let period. It is not permitted to charge higher rent than stated in Samskipnaden`s renancy agreement.  For subletting, the subletting form must be filled out and given to the housing office. Please note that it is not possible to sublease your unit on Airbnb or similar service providers. 

According to the rental agreement, the tenant may not sublease the unit without a written permission from Samskipnaden. This also applies during holidays. Furthermore, according to the Tenancy Act § 11-2, irrespective of the length of a tenants contract, a unit can only be subletted for a total of six months. The sub-letter must also be a student at UiT or Unis, and have paid the semester fee for the entire period. If the tenant cancels his/her studies, the right to sublet ceases to exist. The tenant is required to inform Samskipnaden when he/she completes the study program or cancels the study program.Breaches of contract may result in cancellation of the rental agreement.

You can find the subletting form here.


The rent should be paid by the 15th of each month. The bill will be sendt digitally every month. You can find your invoice on MyPage. A reminder will be sent to your email as and when your invoice becomes available, and it is your responsibility to pay it before the deadline. If you do not pay it in time a late fee will be added to your bill. If you wish to pay by fixed-term giro or e-billing, you will need to set this up with your bank.   

Account number for paying rent: 9731 05 04029.

If you would like to pay from an overseas account, you will have to use the IBAN and SWIFT/BIC-numbers. 

IBAN                   NO5997310504029


Please use the following account number for your deposit: 9731 07 02688

You will find the payment details at the end of the rental agreement. Remember your KID-number. 

If you would like to pay from an overseas account, you will have to use the IBAN and SWIFT/BIC-numbers. 

IBAN                   NO7597310702688

You must pay the deposit before moving into your unit

We usually return the deposit within one month, provided that there are no oustanding payments/demands from the Landlord. If you have an overseas account, please provide the IBAN and SWIFT/BIC-number. 

It is not possible to pay the deposit or the rent in cash at the housing office

The rental period
All of our housing contracts is normally from 01.08 - 31.07. This means that all our residents receive a contract that is valid from the time of moving in until 31.7. However, it is important to be aware that if you so wish, you will be offered a new one-year contract at the same place well in advance of the expiry of the contract, and that you still fulfill the conditions. The conditions are that you have studied as a main occupation and that you have not exceeded the maximum residence time of 5 years (6 years if you have a delay). This means that you will be able to keep your home throughout the study period in most cases.
Change of room/flat
You can apply to change your unit on MyPage. The application will not be registered if it is sent in the first or last month of the time stipulated in the rental agreement. If your application is successful, the housing office will charge a processing fee. See the price listThe processing fee of 600 NOK will not be returned should you reject the offer to change units. 

Facts about changing homes:
You stay in your home while you are on the waiting list. Due to the high demand, there is no priority for home exchange during the summer months. The home is automatically dismissed and assigned to another student as soon as you have accepted the offer of new housing. A home exchange offer may come at short notice. When you get a new home you pay rent for both places for a few days during the overlapping period. The overlapping can not be longer than two days. 

The new key can be picked up at the Servicesenter after 12 pm.

Renewal of the rental agreement
The rental agreement can only be signed annually. A few months before the rental agreement is about to expire, we will send an e-mail to enquire whether you would like to extend. 

The application deadline is in May for the Spring semester, and November for the autumn semester. You can only stay in student accommodation for a total of 5 years. 

Termination of the rental agreement

If you want to leave earlier than the end of the contract, you can. The lease will continue to run for two months from the 1st of the month following the termination. The termination should be sent from Mypage. Rent must be paid for the entire notice period, even if relocation occurs earlier. The accommodation should be handed over in clean condition and will be inspected by the cleaning staff after you have handed in your keys . See our video of how to clean the student residence.

If the accommodation is not properly cleaned and additional cleaning is required, you will receive a fee. The additional cleaning will be performed either by an external agency or our own cleaners depending on capacity. If the property is damaged or there are objects missing, a fee also will be issued. Any charges are notified in advance before deducting from the deposit.

Remember to empty the storage room when moving.