Do you need a place to stay while searching for student housing?

NB! You have to collect the key and sign a contract at our Service centre BEFORE you go to the tempoary housing at Åsgårdvegen! 

The Arctic Student Welfare Organisation will offer students who have been unable to arrange a place to live by the start of the semester a place to stay while searching.

This offer of accommodation only applies to registered student housing applicants at the Student Welfare Organisation. So to qualify you have to also apply for regular student housing.

The offer of temporary accommodation applies from August until early September each year.

  • Several rooms are available so we can make separate male and female dormitories if necessary.
  • There is no locked luggage storage room in the building, but lockers are available at UiT
  • Tenants are responsible for the safe storage of their valuables
  • There are no showers in the building, but students are free to shower at the Kraft Sportssenter gym, and in any of the showers at campus.

Tenants are expected to work actively to find housing. Students who receive the offer of student housing must move out of the temporary accommodation.

Do you need temporary accommodation?
Book temporary accommodation here, or contact the Arctic Student Welfare Organisation on +47 776 49 030 or by e-mail at to reserve your place and arrange to pick up the key. You don’t need to reserve a place well in advance.

Opening hours
The ordinary opening hours of the Service Centre are Monday to Friday 08.00 - 15.00 (8am – 3pm). Two weeks in August, the Service Centre is open until 18.00 (6pm). You will find the Service Centre in House 2 of the Non-Experimental Science Building (Teorifagbygget) above the MIX kiosk. This is where you pick up your key before moving in.

Where is the accommodation?
The accommodation is at Åsgårdvegen 9 (the two-storey house beside the student block). All dormitories will be marked. There are good bus connections from here to/from downtown Tromsø and UiT/UNN.

A price of NOK 125 per night applies for the accommodation, which is calculated from when you pick up the key until you return the key. You will also need to pay a key deposit of NOK 500, which will be refunded when you return the key after moving out.

Linen, etc.
Mattresses will be provided, but you must provide your own linen/sleeping bag. Cooking facilities will not available, but a fridge, electric kettle and microwave oven will be available for the tenants’ use, as well as washing machine and tumble dryer.

Students needs for temporary accommodation vary. Last year a total of 160 students needed temporary accommodation for periods ranging from a couple of nights up to three weeks. By early September all the students had found another place to live. By coming to Tromsø, you can attend viewings and meet potential landlords. Many students meet others in the same situation and decide to live together. Consequently, we have the following recommendation if you have not found a place to live: Come anyway – it will work out!

Have you still not applied for student housing?
You can apply for student housing at the Arctic Student Welfare Organisation on

You can also look for accommodation on,,, and


Click on the link below to see the TV2 report of students who took advantage of the accomodation last year: