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Hike to Fjellheisen

22. september 2021 - 15:11


Participants meet up with the organizers in front of the Arctic Cathedral at 11:00, and we will start our hike from there and walk up the Sherpa Stairs to Fjellheisen, this will probably take about 1hour. When we reach the top we will enjoy an ice-cream break, either inside or outside the building, depending on how many other people there are at Fjellheisen. After the break, we will walk down again the same way. We assume the hike will take about 3 hours in total.

We will buy Ice cream at the top, and bring energy bars. To reduce contact surfaces the student will not be able to serve themselves. Hand sanitizer will be available, and frequent use will be encouraged and required.

All participants must bring warm enough clothes and waterproof outerwear, preferably bring an extra jacket in your backpack for when we get to the top. All participants also need to bring water, and maybe a snack. If you have, make sure to bring your shoe stud or brodder (ice pig)!