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Stop procrastinating!

22. September 2021 - 14:58


Have you also procrastinated to study for your upcoming exams? Or have you still not finished up your bachelor/master thesis? Do you maybe struggle with studying alone in your room? Or do you just want to study together with some other students? If so, we invite you to our digital study meeting on Wednesday 28th of April at 16:00 on “Microsoft Teams”. The meeting will last about 2 hours and is open for all UiT students. We will start off with a quick introduction round where everyone can share what they intend to study (or write) for the next two hours. After that we will start with 45 minutes where we all study in silence, but with our camera on. After 45 we will take a ca. 15-minute break and reflect a little how the studying is going. We will continue with another 45 minutes of studying and end the session with a quick round of reflections on how it went and if we got done what we wanted to get done. Let’s stop procrastinating together!

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