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Yoga Workshop: Yoga Fundamentals (Tromsø)

7. October 2022 - 09:40


The goal of diving into Yoga Fundamentals is to increase our body awereness and strengthen the body-mind connection. By doing this, we can become more present and aware in our Yoga practice at Kraft, at home and off the mat.

In this 2,5-hour Yoga workshop, we’ll take the time to:
• break down and practice the poses that we do frequently in regular Yoga classes, like chaturanga, half way lift, warrior I and II, etc.
• learn about some of the muscles we want to engage in frequent movements
• discuss why Yoga teachers say different cues like, for example, «keep your knees tracking over ankles» or «draw your shoulders back and down»
• have a break where you can mingle with your fellow yogis and teachers
• and finally: finish off the workshop with a Vinyasa Yoga sequence where you get to implement what you’ve learnt and explore a few more advanced poses
• hopefully we have time for a well-deserved savasana (dead man’s pose) and wind-down, so that you can go into your day with a relaxed attitude

Where and when: Kraft Sportssenter, Wednesday 23. march
Who are the teachers: Elise Bremnes & Alex Abrahams

BOOKING: Kurs og workshop | Kraft sportssenter

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