Student counselling


Hilmar Rekstens vei
9171 Longyearbyen

Over the course of their studies, many students will experience periods when life is difficult. This may involve issues related to mental or physical health, your studies, your economic situation, drugs/alcohol or your family life.

The student counselling service is here to help you with these issues. We can help you gain an overview of the challenges you are facing and help you to process your thoughts and feelings.

For students in Longyearbyen, we provide counselling via Skype with counsellors in Tromsø.

A room for your Skype counselling can be provided at the UNIS library, or you may choose to Skype from wherever you feel convenient.

Our service is confidential and free of charge.


You will meet


Contact us and we will set up an appointment for you to meet a counsellor by Skype.

Contact Student Counselling Centre in Tromsø

Phone: (+47) 958 28 175 or (+47) 941 63 031

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday                              
09:00 -15:00 hrs