The following information is for student housing in Svalbard only. For other cities, check

Moving in

The check-in time is 3 pm. The door to your room will be open on your arrival day. In Nybyen you will find two keys inside your room, one for the door and one for the weapon safe. At Sjøskrenten you will find one key to your room. Norwegian law states that parts (the bolt) of the weapon and all ammunition must be kept in the safe.

Please look after your key. A fee of NOK 800 will be charged if you lose your safe keys and NOK 600 if you lose your room key.

In order to receive mail, you must register your address at the post office.

Address: Your name, PO Box 394, 9171 Longyearbyen, Norway.

Any mail will be available for collection at the reception at UNIS.

Moving out

The check-out time is 11 am. Please leave the keys inside your room on departure. Clean your room, bathroom and kitchen and remove all your personal belongings prior to departure.

The Student Welfare Organisation takes no responsibility for any items left behind. Such items will be removed at the tenant’s expense.

Please remember to change your address when you move out.

Tenants / sublease

Tenants can rent a room in the hostels for family or friends as long as there are available rooms for NOK 160,- per day. Minimum 3 days rent.

Sublease or admission of other people into the household is not allowed.

Cleaning of student housing prior to moving out


  • Wash the cabinets inside and outside.
  • Remember the cupboard under the sink. 
  • Wash outside and inside the draws. 
  • Scrub the whole oven with steel wool. 
  • Wash the fridge/freezer inside and outside, throw away all food. 
  • Throw away all garbage and clean the dustbins. 
  • Wash the benches. Tidy and clean on the top of the cupboards.
  • Vacuum and wash floor.
  • Wash the door both sides, door handles and frames.
  • Wash the ventilator – take out the filter and scrub with steel wool.
  • Wash all lamps and electric outlets.
  • Do the dishes and clean up afterwards.



  • Wash walls in the shower area; scrub the walls and floor in order to remove the green stains made by Svalbard’s hard water.
  • Remove hair and dirt from the drain.
  • Wash all bathroom installations, such as toilet, sink and shelves.
  • Polish the mirror.
  • Wash the shower curtain/clean the shower cabinet.
  • Wash the wastebasket.



  • Vacuum and wash floor and floor lists with hot water and soap.
  • Empty closet and drawers and clean it.
  • Wash all lamps and electric outlets.
  • Wash the wooden parts of the furniture.
  • Empty and wash the wastebasket.
  • Wash the door on both sides, and remove all stains and fingerprints.
  • Vacuum bed and seat of chair.
  • Please leave the heating in your room on (setting between 1 and 2) and close the window. The whole system can freeze if you do not do this.

Storage room and laundry room:

Leave nothing behind.


Samskipnaden has made a video of how to clean your room.


Should this not be done, a fee of min. NOK 500, - will be charged.

Make sure you leave nothing behind, like food or personal belongings.

Samskipnaden takes no responsibility for items left behind.