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Are you entitled to late interests on your deposit

Are you entitled to late interest due to having a lease and having paid a deposit with us?

In the autumn of 2022, it was established that, despite special arrangements made, the deposit scheme for our student housing has not been entirely correct. This we regret and apologize sincerely for.

If you are affected by this and have a claim to interests, please fill in the form below and send it to us. The claims will be processed and paid on an ongoing basis.

Claims for interests on late payment

According to Section 2 of the Interest on Late Payments Act, the debtor for the claim must himself "claim" interest on late payment, there is no obligation for Samskipnaden to pay this unsolicited. In practice, this means that students who live with us or have lived with us themselves must submit a claim on their own initiative.

The law's clear starting point is that the demand for late payment interest becomes obsolete after 3 years.

The student welfare organizations will therefore relate to the fact that claims for late payment interest become obsolete after 3 years. Our decision is supported by the starting point of the law, case law in The Rent Dispute Committee and the legal recommendations we have obtained.

In practice, this will mean that only late payment interest will be paid for the period; 15/12/2019 to 15/12/2022. We will process incoming cases on an ongoing basis.

Anyone who has a legitimate claim with us will be reimbursed late payment interest on their deposit if the claim can be documented.

Updated 27.01.2023

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