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Samskipnaden Bolyst 2 Asgardveien

The Norwegian Arctic Student Welfare Organisation contributes to a fun, safe and healthy student life.

Apply for housing

Find your new home!


Apply for housing and find information about living in our student housing

Ukraine: Advice and contact information

UiT has and will implement several measures in connection with what is happening in Ukraine. Here you will find advice and contact information if you need someone to talk to.

Studentrådgivning student rådgiver samskipnad psykolog rådgiving

Student Counselling Centre

You can talk to us about anything. Our services are free and we have a short waiting list. You do not need a referral and everything you say is confidential.

Dramsvegen ute

Contact the Housing Office

Find the adress, contact information and opening hours of the housing office at your campus.

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