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Various Information

Various Information about living on Svalbard

Various Information

  • Smoking inside is forbidden.
  • Bulbs will be replaced by Samskipnaden.
  • Always make sure that you place your footwear on the shelves in the entrance area.
  • Snowmobiles must be parked at destignated area. Skies and Bicycles are not to be kept indoors other than the storage rooms. Skies, bicycles, and other equipment that are found in the entrance or hallway will be removed immediately at the tenant’s expense.
  • Slaughter meat is not allowed to be kept indoors.
  • Pets are not allowed in the housing or in the surrounding of the houses.
  • Do not disturb your neighbors unnecessarily when listening to the stereo, TV, musical instruments, etc. It should be quiet at 11 pm Monday-Friday and by midnight during weekends.
  • The tenant must compensate for the damage that is caused by him/her.
  • The tenant is obligated to report to Samskipnaden immediately about any damage that must be repaired without delay. Report errors and defects on My page, by sending a message.
  • For internet problems, please contact Orakelet at UiT


Many of those studying at Svalbard are visited by their family or friends during their studies.

Students who rent from Samskipnaden at Campus Svalbard have exclusive access to rent apartments from us for their guests, at a very low price*.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have guests living in our student housing. In the same way, as with a hotel room, it is the number of tenants stated by the lease who can spend the night in the room/apartment.

There are both safety (in the event of accidents or evacuation) and operational (cleaning, ventilation, and so on) reasons why we need an overview of tenants in the building. You also need to consider the other tenants with whom you share a kitchen and common areas. A large influx of guests will inconvenience the people you live with. Therefore, we feel compelled to maintain a clear line that does not allow overnight guests in our housing.

* We have a limited number of apartments available, so we recommend applying early. Particularly for the most popular months of March through April.


Norwegian law states that parts (the bolt) of the weapon and all ammunition must be kept in a safe.

Updated 28.10.2022

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