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EUGLOH Local Student Board

EUGLOH Local Student Board UiT (LSB) is the student association at UiT, affiliated with the European University Alliance for Global Health, EUGLOH.



EUGLOH is a university alliance consisting of nine leading European universities, including UiT. Through EUGLOH, you, as a student, can explore different cultures by participating in short courses, summer schools, workshops, and seminars earning ECTS points. EUGLOH covers travel and accommodation expenses, allowing you to experience student life in another European country. EUGLOH's vision is to address global health challenges through education, research, and innovation, and as a student at UiT, you have unique opportunities to contribute to this.

UiT LSB is the link between UiT students and EUGLOH, working to represent and safeguard the interests of UiT students. Our goal is to promote your perspectives as a student and support EUGLOH's principles, including the training of future European innovators, a focus on global health challenges, and the establishment of a common European health area.

Explore, learn, and make a difference with EUGLOH.

We hold an annual meeting where we select UiT's student ambassadors to EUGLOH.

If you're interested in learning more, feel free to contact us.

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