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206 good reasons for living in student housing

We have asked those who know best, namely students who already live in student housing, why they would recommend others to do the same. Read what they have to say!

As expected, we have confirmed that there are many factors that make student housing a great housing option during the student years. Living together with others in the same life situation, and the network and community this creates, make the social environment the absolute most important reason. It helps prevent loneliness, and for many, those in the housing or collective become lifelong friends. The fact that the Student Welfare Organization (Samskipnaden) is a reliable landlord where things are in order, and that housing contracts comply with the legislation, is highlighted as an important factor—especially for those moving out on their own for the first time. The proximity of the housing to, for example, the university, city center, shops, and fitness facilities is mentioned by many as a crucial reason due to its excellent location. The favorable rental prices of student housing, which are more affordable than in the private market and where everything is included, are also a consistent factor.

Here is the list of all 206 good reasons - read and be inspired!

  1. A safe unit to live in with fellow students, ensuring interactions with them.
  2. I enjoy living in Dramsvegen Panorama - fortunate to have great flatmates and make lifelong friends. It's lovely to have people around when needed, contributing positively to social and mental well-being. The convenient location, with frequent buses and a 10-minute walk to school, adds to the overall experience.
  3. Affordable and pleasant environment.
  4. Good atmosphere, meeting many new people across different studies. The collective I lived in was very clean, and everyone respected each other, providing a positive living experience.
  5. Nice place to live, close to the city center.
  6. Ensures a reliable and serious landlord, paying a fixed monthly sum for everything, and promotes a social atmosphere.
  7. Economical and easy to socialize with other students.
  8. It's affordable, social, safe, and a great learning experience for independent living. A fantastic first place for those coming straight from home.
  9. A socially pleasant place to live.
  10. Enjoyable and cozy.
  11. Provides a sense of safety.
  12. Spacious, good environment, ample parking, and cost-effective.
  13. Reliable and safe landlord. Predictable in case of any changes, such as fire drills or replacement of kitchen fans. In a secure area with easy access to help when problems arise.
  14. Affordable and secure.
  15. Short distance to UiT, stores, gym, and bus. Reasonable prices for rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.
  16. Good, social, and safe place to live.
  17. Nice housing, good routines, effective caretaker assistance.
  18. Community spirit, always someone to share meals with, social.
  19. Good standard for a low cost.
  20. Great offering, very close to school, quick response to any issues, and reasonable housing standards.
  21. Easy to get help if something in the apartment isn't working or needs fixing.
  22. Affordable and with nice premises.
  23. Very good for getting to know other students.
  24. A great place if you want an inexpensive place to live.
  25. Nice, cheap, and social.
  26. Affordable, simple, avoids dealing with a private landlord and potential disagreements.
  27. Pleasant, social, and unifying. If you lack something, you can borrow; if you need company, you can find it, and if you need help, you get it. Moving far from everyone you know, it's nice to move to a place that feels like home with a safe network.
  28. Very safe to live in a student residence.
  29. Affordable, with Roar as the caretaker and a nice neighborhood.
  30. Cheaper than private options, like that it's not privately owned but an organization.
  31. A very nice way (and low-threshold) to socialize. The chance to just step out of your room and find people makes it easy to have a larger collective, increasing the chances of finding people you get along with.
  32. Because it's convenient, affordable, and you're not entirely alone.
  33. I've been very satisfied, enjoyed it a lot, and would recommend it to other students.
  34. Very nice to have a reliable landlord and a lease agreement you can trust. Overall good support when needed. Competitive prices. A simple, practical, and safe offer, essential for students. Competent, pleasant, and helpful staff, deserving of praise.
  35. Cheap and good. Mortensens is a fantastic area for families with children. Very pleased that my son has grown up in this area.
  36. Simple and cheap, yet a secure landlord.
  37. It's pleasant, social, and cost-effective.
  38. Cheap, includes everything usually, and promotes a social environment.
  39. Because I have enjoyed living there.
  40. Decent offer, good prices, close to campus, and great service overall. Very good.
  41. Good standard, private bathroom, I lived with friendly fellow students.
  42. All expenses in one place, help is available if needed.
  43. Good standard for a reasonable price.
  44. A safe landlord, good prices, and a very good way to meet new people.
  45. Knowing the available resources is essential!
  46. Disconnect mentally from the exam material when not studying.
  47. Have a structured plan for what to review and do past exam papers.
  48. Familiarize yourself with the resources you can use!
  49. Take breaks, exercise, and stay connected with your routine.
  50. Create a pleasant study environment around you.
  51. Make use of visual aids like mind maps.
  52. Talk as little as possible about the exam material when not studying.
  53. Maintain good habits like cooking, exercising, meeting friends, and calling family.
  54. Make flashcards to aid memorization.
  55. Stay hydrated and get enough sleep.
  56. Engage with fellow students for discussion and study groups.
  57. Take walks to clear your mind and get fresh air.
  58. Make your surroundings cozy and comfortable.
  59. Have breaks and unwind to maintain energy and motivation.
  60. Set up a routine and stick to it.
  61. Stay socially active and continue to be involved in activities you enjoy.
  62. Consider using concept maps for understanding complex topics.
  63. Think positively and maintain a healthy mindset.
  64. Plan your week and allocate time for different tasks.
  65. Get to know the tools and resources you are allowed to use during the exam.
  66. Relax with physical exercise.
  67. Purchase large sheets, fill in relevant study material, and use sticky notes for ideas, thoughts, and clarifications. Hang the sheets on the wall for studying or memorizing definitions.
  68. Discuss and study with classmates or study groups, sharing perspectives.
  69. Use online resources and platforms for collaborative learning.
  70. Practice mindfulness and meditation to manage stress.
  71. Maintain a good balance between study and relaxation.
  72. Keep track of important dates and deadlines.
  73. Try different study methods to find what suits you best.
  74. Seek help from teachers or tutors when needed.
  75. Use technology to your advantage for research and learning.
  76. Don't procrastinate; start early with your exam preparations.
  77. Take breaks to prevent burnout.
  78. Use mnemonic devices for memorization.
  79. Stay organized with your notes and study materials.
  80. Prioritize tasks and focus on the most critical topics.
  81. Find a study buddy or join a study group.
  82. Reward yourself after achieving study goals.
  83. Stay positive and believe in your abilities.
  84. Practice deep breathing exercises for relaxation.
  85. Use online platforms for virtual study sessions with peers.
  86. Set realistic goals and break them down into manageable tasks.
  87. Utilize online forums and communities for academic support.
  88. Stay curious and engaged in your learning process.
  89. Take advantage of online tutorials and educational videos.
  90. Vary your study environment to keep things interesting.
  91. Use mnemonic devices and acronyms for memorization.
  92. Attend review sessions or study groups organized by instructors.
  93. Create a study schedule that aligns with your peak focus hours.
  94. Stay positive and confident in your abilities.
  95. Stay physically active to boost overall well-being.
  96. Utilize online quizzes and practice exams for self-assessment.
  97. Break down complex topics into smaller, more manageable concepts.
  98. Reward yourself with breaks and leisure activities.
  99. Attend virtual or in-person study sessions with classmates.
  100. Take advantage of digital flashcards for quick review.
  101. Use whiteboards or visual aids to illustrate concepts.
  102. Discuss and debate topics with classmates for a deeper understanding.
  103. Take short breaks to maintain focus during study sessions.
  104. Collaborate with peers for group projects or study sessions.
  105. Listen to background music or ambient sounds while studying.
  106. Make use of online platforms for collaborative document editing.
  107. Create a study playlist with calming or motivational music.
  108. Use color-coded notes for better organization.
  109. Break down larger tasks into smaller, achievable goals.
  110. Connect with professors or classmates for clarification on challenging topics.
  111. Use technology for note-taking and organization.
  112. Practice active learning techniques.
  113. Take advantage of online libraries and academic databases.
  114. Set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals.
  115. Incorporate real-world examples into your study materials.
  116. Use mnemonic devices, rhymes, or songs for memorization.
  117. Engage in group discussions or online forums for collaborative learning.
  118. Take regular breaks to prevent mental fatigue.
  119. Implement the Pomodoro Technique for time management.
  120. Use visualization techniques to enhance understanding.
  121. Join virtual study groups or forums for peer support.
  122. Break down complex information into simple concepts.
  123. Stay organized with digital tools for task management.
  124. Collaborate with classmates for joint study sessions.
  125. Develop a growth mindset and embrace challenges.
  126. Use technology for virtual study sessions with peers.
  127. Seek feedback on your study materials from classmates or instructors.
  128. Engage in online discussions related to your field of study.
  129. Use mnemonic devices or memory aids for retention.
  130. Connect with professors during virtual office hours.
  131. Set aside dedicated time for self-assessment and reflection.
  132. Make use of online simulations or interactive learning tools.
  133. Stay active and incorporate movement into your study routine.
  134. Join online study communities or forums for mutual support.
  135. Use technology for collaborative projects with classmates.
  136. Create mind maps or concept maps for visual learning.
  137. Utilize online tutorials or instructional videos.
  138. Establish a routine that aligns with your natural circadian rhythm.
  139. Practice self-compassion during challenging study periods.
  140. Engage in peer teaching or explain concepts to others.
  141. Stay connected with classmates through virtual study sessions.
  142. Set specific learning objectives for each study session.
  143. Use spaced repetition for effective long-term retention.
  144. Participate in online quizzes or self-assessment exercises.
  145. Create a dedicated study space for focus and concentration.
  146. Connect with professors or experts in your field for additional insights.
  147. Stay mindful of your mental health and seek support when needed.
  148. Use technology for collaborative brainstorming sessions.
  149. Experiment with different note-taking methods to find what works best.
  150. Engage in reflective practices to reinforce your learning.
  151. Seek out online workshops or webinars related to your studies.
  152. Connect with alumni or professionals in your field for guidance.
  153. Use mnemonic devices or memory palaces for memorization.
  154. Incorporate visual aids or infographics into your study materials.
  155. Join online study groups or communities for mutual motivation.
  156. Utilize online courses or platforms for additional learning resources.
  157. Create a study schedule that includes breaks for relaxation.
  158. The quality of the buildings.
  159. Design.
  160. Social life.
  161. Staff. The staff is accommodating, especially Edel; she is the best. She ensures that any problems you have are resolved immediately.
  162. The view is good, and the furniture is new.
  163. It's very modern and cozy!
  164. I like living near other students in this remote city and sharing a kitchen; it's truly a great way to make friends for life!
  165. It's safe, clean, and affordable!
  166. It's a pleasant living and social environment, easy to connect with fellow students, with fairly modern kitchens.
  167. You can make new friends.
  168. I had a great time.
  169. Good, affordable space with a great location and fantastic student atmosphere.
  170. It's friendly and close to nature!
  171. Especially for international students, it's a great way to connect with others.
  172. Additionally, you don't need to buy much new stuff or worry about Wi-Fi/laundry because everything is already there!
  173. I've been here on exchange, and this was the first time I lived in student housing.
  174. I've always had my own apartment. But this experience was so nice, I met lovely people, and it worked much better than I initially thought. Additionally, Dramsvegen Panorama is very clean, and it's appreciated that there are cleaners and someone checking that it's clean on our floors.
  175. All kitchen equipment, etc., is of good quality, and yes, it has been a very nice experience.
  176. I have a friend coming here on exchange in the fall, and I recommended Dramsvegen Panorama! Clean, modern, pleasant office staff. Near campus. Near the city. Great standard.
  177. Basically, there is no other choice up here in Svalbard (especially considering the rental prices on the market). But aside from that, I was also very satisfied with the accommodation and living so close to all the other students.
  178. Common area, sauna, view from the 4th floor.
  179. It's a friendly place.
  180. It's not the most expensive option, but it's very decent.
  181. The standard is high, they are well-furnished.
  182. Having storage space is brilliant.
  183. Living in the student housing has felt like a real home, not just temporary accommodation. Thank you!
  184. It's a great first experience until you meet people in Tromsø and make friends.
  185. Simple, comfortable, good location.
  186. High standards, good communication.
  187. It's a simple and straightforward service.
  188. It's very soundproof and luxurious.
  189. Cheaper than the private market and better rooms.
  190. Really nice surroundings, and people get along well there. The sauna is not bad either.
  191. Very cheap, an easy option when coming from abroad, good quality in the housing, and in shared apartments, you meet nice people!
  192. Comfortable and complete living facilities, well-prepared for the weather.
  193. Reasonable prices and a quiet environment.
  194. Simple, comfortable, and affordable.
  195. Very comfortable.
  196. It's relatively cheap.
  197. Cheap and good.
  198. It's always convenient for students at UiT.
  199. Convenient, clean, and affordable.
  200. Great facilities, feels clean, tidy, and cozy.
  201. Affordable housing for Tromsø standards, nice view, and it's nice to be so close to other students.
  202. It's very nice to have your own room and share a kitchen with other students. It provides an opportunity to spend time alone but also to get to know other people and spend time with them.
  203. Cozy and not expensive. It's modern and well-equipped student housing located very centrally, creating a lovely social environment. It's the cheapest way to live.
  204. It's safe, a nice place to meet other people, the apartments are cozy.
  205. I'm not aware of any other places where students can live in Svalbard. But it's also affordable and social, which is nice. You have everything you need, but I'm not so thrilled that everything depends on electronics (for example, having to use a key to use the kitchen), and it should be allowed to have guests in your room since it's our home.
  206. The accommodation was in good condition, and the service was mostly very reliable. It's nice to be able to live close to fellow students.

Updated 11.04.2024

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