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En dame og en mann som baerer pa mobler og esker i solskinn

Everything you need to know before moving in

Are you enrolling at UiT and have applied for student housing? Here you will find answers to many of the questions you may have about housing and moving in.

Once you have applied for student housing, you may wonder when you will receive a response to your application or where you stand in the queue. Perhaps you are curious about what is included in the rent, or whether the accommodation is furnished or not. Maybe you need someone else to pick up your key. And if you didn't get into UiT, you might be wondering how to cancel the contract.

We have compiled answers to the most common questions on our housing pages—whether you are waiting for a response to your application or are already a resident. There, you will also find our contact information if you cannot find the answers to your questions.

Frequently asked questions about housing

Get the answers you're looking for at our frequently asked questions page.

Smilende dame med utstrakte arber og oransje lue pa

Updated 11.04.2024

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